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New principal ready to help

By Staff | Aug 25, 2014

There will be many new faces around Blue Earth Area Schools when the first bell of the school year rings, but there is already one new face community members are getting to know.

Dave Dressler is the new assistant principal at Blue Earth Area Elementary School and is ready to get the school year started.

The search for a new assistant principal began when Al Cue made a request to the BEA?School Board for a transfer in May.

Cue, who was a former upper elementary teacher, spent a couple of years in administration as assistant kindergarten through eighth grade principal and wished to get back into the classroom.

Now, the search has ended with Dressler, who is a former upper elementary teacher stepping into the role in administration.

This Minnesota native has moved to Blue Earth for the new job after working for several years at a school district in Utah.

“I taught there for about seven years,”?he says. “I was a sixth grade teacher and a teacher’s specialist.”

Dressler says as a teacher’s specialist he had a lot of similar responsibilities to what a principal might have.

He grew up in Waseca where he graduated from high school. From there he went on to college at Gustavus.

“I taught for one year in Minnesota and then moved to Salt Lake City,”?he adds.

His wife, Karen’s, family is from Salt Lake City which prompted the move. There both Dressler and his wife worked as teachers.

“Then I got the job here in Blue Earth so now we’re moving here,”?Dressler adds.

Dressler’s wife and daughter, Greta, are still packing up and will join him in Blue Earth shortly. And, he says that since Greta is still a toddler, Karen will stay at home with her.

In the meantime, Dressler is in Blue Earth and preparing for the start of a new school year.

“My goal is to help students keep achieving academic excellence keep achieving those standards,”?he says.

He had become used to helping students directly in the classroom, but now he will go about it in a new way as assistant principal.

“I?like helping and watching students grow,”?he says.

Which he will still get to do, but on a whole new scale.

“You see the same growth as a principal but now it’s not just 25 students, it is the whole school,”?Dressler explains.

Dressler has had some adjusting to do with his move from Salt Lake City to Blue Earth; more specifically, relearning all the testing acronyms of Minnesota.

But, the community has been making his transition to Blue Earth much easier in every other way.

“I can already tell this is a very tight-knit community,” Dressler says. “Everyone has been very friendly and very welcoming.”

He will spend the next week before school finalizing his preparations and begin welcoming the students back into the hallways at BEA?Elementary and Middle School.

“I’m really excited to be here, and very excited for the school year to begin,”?he adds.