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Mankato man sentenced to 30 years

By Staff | Sep 21, 2014

A 41-year-old Mankato man was sentenced for criminal sexual conduct charges in Faribault County District Court last Thursday.

Randall Decker had been facing charges with 10 counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first and second degree for contact with a victim under the age of 13-15 and for doing so while in a position of authority, with charges dating back to 2010-2012.

Decker was acquitted of four of the charges but was found guilty by a jury of six of the counts:?four of which were second degree sexual conduct and two counts of first degree sexual conduct.

Being found guilty, Decker was sentenced to 30 years in a Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud. He is also required to register as a predatory offender.

“This was a big case, and a difficult case a child victim was involved,” assistant Faribault County Attorney Lamar Piper said. “We are happy to have it concluded.”

The victim in the case was Decker’s daughter who was present at the sentencing hearing last Thursday and was accompanied by her mother and other family members.

Her mother gave a victim’s statement during the sentencing.

“What Randy has done to my daughter and my family has impacted us emotionally, mentally, physically and financially,” the victim’s mother said. “Randy and I made a promise to each other to never treat our children the way our parents treated us. The person who was supposed to protect them the most was the person who hurt them the worst.”

The statement went on to say the situation had put both her and her daughter in therapy and has been a financial strain on the family.

“The cost of gas to attend all the court hearings and all the meetings. The number of hours that I missed work and did not have paid time to take,”?she said.

Piper said that it was thanks to a thoughtful jury the long, difficult case is concluded.

“Officer (Tharen) Haugh from Winnebago did a great job and stuck with the case,”?Piper added. “He was a huge help to get everything in shape to go to trial.”