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USC Rebel stadium nearly finished

By Staff | Oct 5, 2014

The Minnesota Vikings have been playing at the University of Minnesota’s stadium while they wait for their new stadium to be built; the United South Central Rebels are experiencing the same thing.

The summer months were spent in preparation for the opening of their new school building in Wells. This fall, final touches are being put on the Rebels’ new stadium.

“The structure is all there and erected,” USC?superintendent Jerry Jensen says.

As people come and go on the new school property they can recognize the new stadium at the opposite end of the parking lot from the school building. The structure was gifted to the school from Wells Concrete.

“This stadium is going to be a wonderful facility,”?Jensen says. “I think people are really going to enjoy it.”

Despite the new structure being all set up, the USC?football team will continue to utilize the field they have been playing on for years. And that is due to the new turf.

“Turf experts say that football turf should actually be established for a couple of years,” Jensen adds.

The superintendent says this could mean it will be another year before the football team will play on the new field.

“The old field is a very nice field, so we’re just lucky to have that as an option,”?he explains.

The next item on the to-do list is to install the seating at the stadium.

“The Metrodome seats we have are currently being stored,” Jensen says. “The next big project is getting those all installed.”

They hope to get the seats in yet this fall so that they would be able to use the stadium this spring.

“We want to get a new track put in so the students can run track events here,” Jensen says. “Unlike the football field, the old track is not in good shape.”

Once the stadium is ready to be utilized for sporting events, those in attendance can enjoy the new features.

The stadium will include an area for concessions, two storage areas on each side one for maintenence equipment and one for athletic equipment and restrooms.

USC has also recently seeded the softball and baseball fields, and the new tennis courts have already been utilized this season.

“The tennis courts have been fantastic,”?Jensen adds.

Aside from an impressive new structure, the new fields and stadium on site are all for a specific purpose.

“All along, the school board’s goal is to have everything on site so the kids don’t have to jump in their cars and drive off when it comes time to practice,”?Jensen says.

In the meantime, the football, baseball and softball teams will all practice and play on former fields, but hopefully by spring the track team will be able to use the new stadium.