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UHD board works on its strategy plan

By Staff | Oct 12, 2014

It is all about strategy for the United Hospital District.

That is why the UHD?board spent some time at their Oct. 7 meeting discussing their strategic plan.

“This is the rough draft of the strategic plan,” hospital administrator Jeff Lang said. “We will go over it tonight, think it over and come back to it again next month.”

The draft included a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis which guides the rest of the plan.

“This strategic plan is outlined for 2015-2017,” Lang explained.

One of the major strengths mentioned in the SWOT?analysis was the quality of the employees at UHD.

“However, one of our weaknesses is that we don’t have a lot of special ist coverage,”?Lang said.

Specialist coverage means the hospital does not currently have a dermatologist, oncologist, etc.

Some opportunities for UHD play off of their weaknesses in that they have potential for growth.

“We have that ability to increase the number of specialists we recruit,” Lang said.

They also have the opportunity of partnering with other area, non-affiliated facilities.

“But, we have seen reimbursement cuts this year and we expect those cuts will continue to happen,”?Lang explained. “That is our main threat.”

Lang added that the SWOT?analysis led to laying out a plan with five opportunity pillars which break the goals of UHD into different approaches; growth, people, quality and safety, service and finances.

“Our primary strategy is going to be growth,”?the administrator said. “We need to expand and bring more services to our community.”?

And, recently UHD has been doing quite a bit to expand and continue finding new ways to offer different services and improve the ones they already have.

In the past year they have been actively working on the transition from a district hospital to becoming a non-profit entity.

They hope that by moving to a non-profit they will be able to act more quickly on important issues, and will have more options when it comes to selecting board members with different skill sets.

UHD had voted to make the transition to a non-profit referred to as UHD?Inc. in April of 2013. Since then the current UHD district board had been working diligently to make that transition a reality.

Now, the current UHD board continues to meet to work on issues and topics regarding the hospital, while UHD?Inc. has also been meeting and handling matters related to the non-profit and transition.

Several months ago, the transition hit a stand still as they waited for their IRS designation to be reviewed and approved. However, they have continued tackling items again.

“There are currently a number of transition items occurring right now,” Lang said.

Some of those items include facility licenses, registrations, insurances, employee benefit programs, contracts and issues concerning billing and payment.

“One of the major components required is notifying the lead banks for both the 2002 and 2009 bonds of the lease in writing,”?Lang explained.

The board has enlisted the help of a partner at Faegre Baker Daniels Law Firm who has been assisting UHD throughout the transition process and has identified the need for the board to hold a public hearing on the bond documents to ensure they are being handled in a manner consistent to the bond document.

“The public meeting will be held on Nov. 4 at 4:15 p.m. in conjunction with the November UHD Board meeting,”?Lang said.

Also, at the November meeting, Lang stated he will provide the board members with a copy of the transition plan task list so that the members will be informed of the process.

“Then based on that, they will make recommendations at the December meeting regarding the best plan design going forward,”?Lang said.