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USC may auction off surplus items

By Staff | Oct 27, 2014

United South Central school continues to work on their transition into the new location.

With the students already roaming the new hallways, the School Board is working to decide what will happen with the old hallways and rooms and everything in them.

The idea of having an auction seems to be the preferred method to sell items left at the former USC facility. However, the discussion continues on just how to handle an auction of this sort.

“I think we need to contact a local auctioneer and ask how they would go about it,”?Superintendent Jerry Jensen said.

One recommendation made by board members included going from room to room in the old school auctioning items in every room.

A concern with that idea was brought forward by other board members who wondered how they would then pick up the materials or items they had purchased.

“Whoever buys it takes it,”?Jensen suggested.

School Board member Jon Feist added that doing an auction this way might not be the best approach for what they are trying to accomplish.

“If an auctioneer is going to every room, that’s going to be a long day,”?he said.

Feist suggested the idea of a silent auction of some type but added he wasn’t sure how the logistics of that would shake out either.

“We just want authorization to contact someone about this so we can continue to move forward,” board chair Kathy Krebsbach said.

The board made a motion to allow authorization to contact an auctioneer about holding an auction at some point.

They are still unsure of when the auction will be held but stated they hope it will be done before this winter as they do not plan to keep the building heated.

The move over to the new school also caused some discussion in regard to the director of building and grounds, Dan Ehlert.

Due to the amount of work required to make the transition to the new building this past summer, Ehlert was unable to find many opportunities to use vacation time.

“With the move Dan just couldn’t get away,” Jensen says. “And as a result he still has 10 vacation days.”

Krebsbach suggested that Ehlert be paid out for five days and five days be carried over for use during the next calendar year.

“I’d almost prefer he just carry over all 10 days,”?Feist added.

However, it was pointed out that doing so would just add to the problem.

“Any consideration we can give this is needed,”?Jensen adds.

The rest of the board voted in favor of paying him for five days and carrying five days over.

In other business:

Bill Groskreutz was present to discuss what will happen with a plaque, flagpole and time capsule donated to USC by a committee of people for Celebrate Education.

The items are located at the old facility and the committee was wondering whether they would be moved to the new site or if there was any interest by the school for these items.

The School Board said they would like some time to think about what they want to do with those items.

The council set a date for a special meeting to canvass results of the general election, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 13.

They also set a public presentation in order to present the World’s Best Workforce. That meeting will be held on Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.