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Wells says yes to liquor license for Wildcat Bar

By Staff | Oct 27, 2014

An apparent miscommunication over multiple years led to the city of Wells calling a special meeting last Wednesday afternoon.

Ben Musser Jr., the owner of Wildcats Bar and Grill, was made aware he needed a second liquor license to continue operation.

The Wells establishment has a primary location on 37 S. Broadway which is a bar and grill. There is a second location at 34 First St. SE which is where the council found issues.

Musser not only operates the bar and grill under the Wildcats’ name, he also runs a catering business which is what he used the second location for.

“This request for a second liquor license does not meet city ordinance,”?city administrator Robin Leslie says.

According to the administrator, the ordinance states only one liquor license can be issued per person.

“I did not even know this was an issue. I have gotten the same license from the city for the last five years,” Musser said. “I have a liquor license with the First Street address on it.”

Leslie said the license he is referring to was just a copy of the other address’s license which was being offered as a courtesy for catering purposes.

“Well, let’s just correct the issue at hand,” council member Anne Marie Schuster said.

The issues the council needed to address in order to get Musser properly licensed included; being up to date on all delinquent taxes and utility bills, be inspected and approved and have a buyers card for the building.

Musser assured the council he had most of these things already corrected. However, the issue of the ordinance remained a problem.

“I think you can choose to ignore the ordinance in this case for now,”?Leslie said.

She recommended the council look back at the ordinance at a later date to update the wording.

“I make a motion to grant this liquor license as long as all these required items and concerns are taken care of in 30 days from today’s date,”?council member John Herman said.

The council voted in favor of approving the license and Musser agreed to complete the requirements now that he has been made aware of the issues.