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Decision time on Tuesday – Election Day

By Staff | Nov 3, 2014

Voters in Faribault County will have numerous choices to make when they head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Local contested elections include those for school board members, county commissioners, mayors and city council members.

County voters will also help decide who will be the next governor of the state, U.S. Senator, Congressman and state representatives.

The voters in Frost will even have a chance to decide if Sunday liquor sales will be allowed in their town.

Many of the offices do not have a choice, with only one name on the ballot for an office, or two names if there are two openings.

A few do not have any choice, as no one filed for the position. That’s true Easton, Walters and Winnebago, where only one candidate filed but there are two open seats. The contests are expected to be determined by write-in choices.

And in at least two cities, Blue Earth and Wells, candidates who’s names will appear on the ballot have already withdrawn from consideration.

Here is a rundown of what voters can expect to see locally as they mark their ballots on election day.

County officials

Greg Young and Milton Steele are facing off in the race for county commissioner in District 2, which includes parts of Blue Earth.

In District 4, Rob Nelson is challenging Tom Loveall for the seat that covers the Winnebago area.

Other county office candidates are running unopposed, including John L. Thompson for county auditor-treasurer, Sheryl “Sher- ry” Asmus for county recorder, Mike Gormley for county sheriff and Troy Timmerman for county attorney. Voters will also see three uncontested races for Soil and Water Conservation District supervisors, including Chris Mathews in District 2, Brett Niebuhr in District 3 and Bill Anderson in District 5.

Mayor and City Council

Blue Earth

Five names are on the ballot for the three open positions on the City Council, but one person, Travis Fenske has withdrawn from the race.

The other four who are running are John Gartzke, Marlyn (Marty) Cassem, Les Wiborg and Russ Erichsrud. The top three vote-getters will be elected.

The mayor’s position is not up for re-election in Blue Earth.

Voters will also have two persons running for the two spots on the Board of Public Works in Blue Earth Dan Mensing and Mark Loge.


Thomas Sens and Dan R. Klingbeil are vying to see who will be mayor.

Five persons are running for two of the open seats on the council. They are Bob Carroll, Stacey Beyer, Greg Thompson, Thomas Miller and Rhonda Johnson.

However, there is also a contest to fill a vacancy on the council and Rich Cory, Terri Lynn Douglas and Harold (Skip) Grimes are running for that position.


Kevin Walker is running unopposed for mayor, and Dan Haugh and Roy Douglas are the two candidates for two open seats on the council.

There is also a special election to fill a vacancy on the council and Tom Hoffman and Brian Townsend are facing off for that seat.


Bryant Stiernagle is running unopposed for mayor, and Jennifer Stiernagle is the only candidate for the two open seats on the council.


Voters can choose between Carla Prokop and Bill Hurd to be the mayor, and Marlys Jagerson, Lorman D. Jahnke, Clara Vereide and Dick Sunderlin are all running for the two open seats on the council.


Brian (Bob) Loge is unopposed for the position of mayor, while Rebecca Glimsdal, Jeffrey Fuchs and Tanya Tyler are the three people running for the two open council seats.

Frost voters will also see a ballot question that asks, “Shall special licenses be granted for the sale of intoxicating liquor on Sundays in the City of Frost?”


There is a contest for the mayor’s position with Jeanne Brooks and Douglas E. Trytten both on the ballot.

But, Dean M. Johnson is the only person listed on the ballot for the two open seats on the council. However, both Dale Drescher and Jason Kluender have announced being write-in candidates for the council.

Minnesota Lake

Jeff Ramsley is unopposed for the mayor’s spot, while Joan M. Proehl and Richard Staloch are the two running for two council seats.


David C. Meyer is unopposed to be mayor, while Stacy Krohnberg is the only person running for the two open seats on the council.


The mayoral contest has Ron Gaines and David J. Braun facing off on the ballot.

For the council, voters will see three names on the ballot to select from for the two open council seats, but one of the persons has withdrawn from the race, Randy D. Anderson. The other two persons running are Whitney Warmka and John P. Herman.


Jeremiah Schutt is running unopposed for the mayoral position, and Scott Robertson is the only person on the ballot for the two open council seats.

School Boards

Blue Earth Area

There are five persons seeking election to the BEA School Board’s four open positions.

The five are Shawna M. Barnett, Amber Patten, Sara Hauskins, Sheila Ripley and Lori Frisk-Thompson.

United South Central

Three persons are running for the three open seats on the USC School Board.

The three are incumbents Sharon K. Parriott, Jon Feist and Dale Edward Stevermer.

Other School Districts

Several other School Districts who’s territories extend into Faribault County are also on the ballot, including Maple River, GHEC, Alden and Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton.

UHD Hospital Board

Voters in several areas of Faribault County will also be able to select members of the United Hospital District Board of Directors. All are running unopposed.

Jeannette Eichhorn is running in Elmore, Roger W. Hanson in Winnebago, Jennifer Krosch in Elmore Township, Stephen M. Thompson in Emerald Township, Cheryl Keithahn in Jo Daviess Township and Bill Carr in Pilot Grove Township.

Township Offices

Voters in the various townships in Faribault County will be deciding on some supervisor, clerk and treasurer positions.

None of them are contested, and in some cases, no name is on the ballot.

In the township of Blue Earth, David Schaffer is running for supervisor, Randall Core in Kiester and Larry Paul in Barber.

Chuck Cory is running for clerk in Barber Township, Edie Smith for treasurer in Blue Earth and no one is on the ballot for treasurer in Kiester Township.

State Offices

Voters will have several choices to make on the ballot for various state offices.

The two state Representatives who cover Faribault County are both up for re-election.

In District 23A, incumbent Bob Gunther, GOP, is facing DFL challenger Pat Bacon.

In District 27A, incumbent Shannon Savick, DFL, is facing two challengers, Peggy Bennett, GOP, and Independence candidate Thomas Keith Price.

Voters will also have choices to make for governor, secretary of state, auditor and attorney general.

The two major party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are DFL incumbent Mark Dayton and Tina Smith and GOP challenger Jeff Johnson and Bill Kuisle.

There are also a variety of judgeships up for election on both the state and federal level.

Federal Offices

Voters will be able to vote for U.S. Senator, with the choices of incumbent Al Franken – DFL, Mike McFadden – GOP, Steve Carlson – Independence and Heather Johnson – Libertarian.

They will also be able to choose between incumbent Tim Walz – DFL and Jim Hagedorn – GOP, for the office of U.S. Representative District 1.