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Mayors defeated in three elections

By Staff | Nov 9, 2014

After heading to the polls last Tuesday, some candidates for positions in Faribault County saw some major upsets.

Bill Hurd, who had served as the mayor of Elmore for the past two years, ran in a contested race for reelection. Carla Prokop, of Elmore was also on the ballot for the position.

Once the votes were tallied, the incumbent was defeated out by Prokop by 125 votes. Prokop received 166 votes while Hurd only had 41.

The city of Kiester saw a similar upset when incumbent Jeanne Brooks was defeated by a newcomer.

Brooks has served as mayor in Kiester for the last four years and was seeking re-election.

However, Doug Trytten won with 153 votes, while Brooks only received 35 percent of the votes with 83.

There was also a contested mayoral race in Bricelyn with two running for the one open spot. Thomas Sens, who had previously served as Bricelyn’s mayor, hoped to take the position again and went up against Dan Klingbeil on the ballot.

Klingbeil won with nearly twice as many votes. He received more than 65 percent of the votes with 98. Sens came in with just 51 votes.

Residents of Wells also voted in a very close race for the open seat for mayor.

Incumbent Ron Gaines faced off against David Braun on the ballots. As results came in, the outcome was very close, with one receiving 53.69 percent of the votes and the other 44.93 percent.

Gaines won the race with 429 votes and will return as mayor while Braun received 359.

The other seats open for election in the cities throughout Faribault County held a little less excitement for voters.

The results for the various cities are as follows.

City of Blue Earth

With three open positions on the City Council, four were in the running and the three chosen to fill the seats were Russ Erichsrud with 839 votes, Marlyn (Marty) Cassem with 776 votes and John Gartzke with 556.

Les Wiborg was on the ballot and did not earn a seat on the council receiving 270 votes. Travis Fenske withdrew from the race, however, his name remained on the ballot.

Dan Mensing and Mark Loge ran for the two open spots on the Blue Earth Board of Public Works.

City of Bricelyn

Five individuals were in the running for two open seats on the Bricelyn City Council. Greg Thompson tallied the most votes with 104. Stacey Beyer filled the second seat with 80 votes.

The others included Bob Carroll with 46 votes, Rhonda Johnson with 35 votes and Thomas Miller with 24.

There was also a special election for two open seats. Harold (Skip) Grimes had 95 vote and Terri Lynn Douglas had 92 votes, both taking seats on the council. The third candidate Rich Cory had 57 votes.

City of Delavan

Kevin Walker ran unopposed for mayor, and Dan Haugh and Roy Douglas were the two candidates for two open seats on the council. Haugh received 51 votes wile Douglas had 41.

There was also a special election to fill a vacant seat on the council. Tom Hoffman and Brian Townsend ran for that seat. Hoffman won with 44 votes, while Townsend had 16.


Bryant Stiernagle ran unopposed for mayor, and Jennifer Stiernagle was the only candidate for the two open seats on the council.

Andy Linder had the most write in votes with 28.


Aside for the close mayoral race, there were also four individuals competing for two open seats on the City Council.

Clara Vereide took one of the open seats with 140 votes. Lorman Jahnke took the second with 111 votes.

Marlys Jagerson only received 73 votes and Dick Sunderlin had 54.


Brian (Bob) Loge ran unopposed for mayor. However, three ran for two open seats on the City Council.

Jeffrey Fuchs won one seat with 63 votes and Tanya Tyler took the other with 58. Rebecca Glimsdale had just 28 votes.

Voters in Frost also voted 58 percent yes and 42 percent no on a ballot question asking, “Shall special licenses be granted for the sale of intoxicating liquor on Sundays in the City of Frost?”


Dean M. Johnson was the only person listed on the ballot for the two open seats on the council.

However, both Dale Drescher and Jason Kluender announced being write-in candidates for the council.

Johnson received 161 votes. There were 152 write in votes and of those Art Albertson had the most with 68.

Minnesota Lake

Jeff Ramsley was unopposed for open mayor position, and Joan Proehl and Richard Staloch were the only two running for two council seats.

Proehl received 214 votes and Staloch had 197.


David C. Meyer was unopposed to be mayor, while Stacy Krohnberg was the only one running for the two open seats on the council. Krohnberg received 24 votes and there were a total of 15 write-ins.


There were three names on the ballot for Wells City Council for two open seats, but one of the persons, Randy D. Anderson, withdrew from the race. The other two were Whitney Warmka, who received 595 votes, and John P. Herman, who tallied 542.


Jeremiah Schutt was unopposed for the position of mayor in Winnebago, and Scott Robertson was the only person on the ballot for two open council seats. Schutt received 369 votes, 97.88 percent. Robertson received 362 votes and there were a total of 64 write-in votes.

Jesse Haugh had the most write in votes and may fill the second council position.

Blue Earth Area School Board

There were five individuals on the ballot, competing for four seats on the BEA?School Board.

The four seats went to Sheila Ripley with 2,072 votes, Sara Hauskins with 1,951 votes, Amber Patten with 1,518 votes and Lori Frisk-Thompson with 1,480. Shawna Barnett had 1,449.

United South Central School Board

Three names, all incumbents, ran unopposed for re-election to their three seats on the USC?school board. Those three were Dale Edward Stevermer with 1,711 votes, Jon Feist with 1,724 votes and Sharon Parriott with 1,582 votes.

Maple River School Board

Seven people were on the ballots for just four open seats on the Maple River School Board. The four who tallied the most votes included; Dan Sohre 1528, Rob McGregor 1191, Cathi Schirmer 1118 and Kim Walters 885.