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Savick, Hagedorn lose bids

By Staff | Nov 9, 2014

Voters in Faribault County went predominantly Republican when it came to choosing state and federal candidates.

Sometimes that vote bucked the statewide trend, where Democrats fared well in almost all state races.

And in one case, the Republican trend locally meant a Faribault County DFL legislator lost her re-election bid.

District 27A state Representative Shannon Savick (DFL-Wells) lost out to Republican challenger Peggy Bennett, an elementary teacher from Albert Lea.

Total votes were Bennett – 8,155, Savick – 6,139 and Independence Party candidate Thomas Keith Price (Alden) – 1,066.

Bennett had 53 percent of the vote to 39.9 percent for Savick in the district that covers the eastern third of Faribault County, as well as all of Freeborn and portions of Mower, Dodge and Steele counties.

Savick, the former mayor of Wells, did not even carry her home county of Faribault, as voters here stayed with the Republican choice.

Savick gathered 290 votes in Faribault County (39 percent), while Bennett pulled in 393 (53 percent) and Price came in with 59.

Savick expressed disappoint with the loss, but said she was proud of her record and accomplishments while in office.

She added she plans to now travel, visit friends and enjoy retired life.

The other area state representative who represents the western two thirds of Faribault County fared much better.

District 23A Representative Bob Gunther (Rep.-Fairmont) won re-election with 61.6 percent of the vote district wide.

Gunther had 9,232 votes to 5,735 for his DFL opponent, Pat Bacon, of Fairmont.

In Faribault County the vote was 2,567 for Gunther and 1,344 for Bacon nearly the same percentage rate as the whole district wit 65.6 percent for Gunther.

In the contest for U.S. Representative District 1, Blue Earth resident Jim Hagedorn lost in his bid to unseat incumbent Tim Walz (DFL-Mankato).

Walz had 123,149 votes, 54.15 percent of the total.

Republican challenger Hagedorn came in with 45.71 percent of the votes, 103,954.

Hagedorn won in Faribault County, but not by a very wide margin.

The Blue Earth native had 2,503 votes to 2,151 for Walz, for a 53.7 percent to 46.15 percent advantage.

On Tuesday, when he cast his vote at the Blue Earth Area Elementary School, Hagedorn said he was pleased with campaign.

“We have been ‘main street campaigning’ full-time for 14 months,” he said. “I have shaken over 75,000 hands and we made 257 campaign visits across southern Minnesota in the last 23 weeks alone.”

Hagedorn adds he has a lot of respect for people of the First District and he worked hard to meet them to personally ask them for their vote and to listen to their views and concerns.”

“I think our campaign created a clear contrast with the liberal record of Tim Walz and my conservative principles,” he said. “We waged an issue-based campaign and tried to offer the voters solutions designed to wrestle power from Washington and return it to where it belongs to the states and the American people.”

The Republican-trend voting of county residents continued through state offices, where Democrats were generally the actual winners.

While Mark Dayton was re-elected governor, Faribault County voters went with his opponent, Jeff Johnson, 2,465 to 1,927.

The same was true for secretary of state, state auditor and attorney general. Statewide the DFL candidate won, but county voters chose the Republican candidate.

The closest state race on the Faribault County level was for state attorney general.

County voters gave Republican candidate 2,163 votes and DFL candidate was close behind with 2,102.

While U.S. Senator Al Franken was a big winner statewide, county voters preferred his opponent, Republican challenger Mike McFadden by a 49.43 to 45.05 percent margin.

McFadden had 2,311 votes in Faribault County to 2,106 for Franken.