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Wells appoints member…

By Staff | Nov 16, 2014

With elections still on everyone’s mind, the Wells City Council utilized those results to fill a new vacancy.

At their Nov. 10 meeting, they received a council resignation from member Gary Robbins.

With elections recently completed, it was too late to run a special election for the vacancy, so they used a back up plan.

David Braun, who ran against incumbent Ron Gaines for mayor, received a fair amount of votes in his campaign. However, Gaines had the most votes for the position.

“But, given those results, we felt David would be a good choice for the open seat on council now,”?Gaines explained.

Braun was present at the meeting and took the oath and was sworn in. He sat as a member for the remainder of the meeting.

“I accept his (Gary Robbins) resignation, but regretfully so,” council member John Herman said.

Robbins’ letter was submitted with regret as well, stating medical issues and surgeries were the primary reason for his resignation.

“It has been a pleasure working with you,” he said.

The council also went into a closed session during their meeting to discuss allegations against an employee.

The session lasted about 15 minutes and city attorney David Frundt gave a report when the meeting reopened.

“I?gave a report on the staff investigation and it is anticipated the council will make a final decision on the matter at their next meeting,”?Frundt explained.

In other business:

The City Council approved the election results from last week’s election day which included a race for two council members and the position of mayor.

City administrator Robin Leslie told the council to expect a report on the sewer rate analysis which had been started a couple of months ago.

“We should prepare and expect that the rates will probably need to be raised,”?she said.

She also expressed her hope to have a first hearing for an accessory structure ordinance.

“I would like to get to that before the end of the year,”?she said.

Leslie is also working on the budget for next year. The final levy needs to be approved by the council by December.