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Duerpisch has many new experiences at USC

By Staff | Nov 23, 2014

His love for travel and new experiences is what landed him in Wells, and he hasn’t been disappointed.

Cedric Duerpisch is one of the five exchange students at United South Central and is staying with Dan and Rita Thisius and their two children who are still living at home; Linsey and Levi.

Duerpisch is used to living just with his father, Christian, in a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany, but his environment is a little different as he spends the year in Wells.

“I’m now used to it being in Wells,” he says. “Since I?only live with my dad, this has been a good thing,” Duerpisch says.

He has enjoyed many new experiences with his host family and siblings. One of the major things was living and helping on a farm.

“I rode in the grain cart with them,”?he says. “That was very different and very interesting.”

The Thisius family has hogs and cattle and the farm crops, so Duerpisch has tried to help out when he can.

“He got to stay in the dorms at the hog barns during the Minnesota State Fair this year, too,”?Rita adds. “Not many people can say they have had that experience.”

Duerpisch has also tried some new things at school, including sports. In Germany, he was in soccer and tennis, but, while he was at USC?he decided to learn other sports.

The first one he tried his hand at was football. He was the kicker for the Rebels this year and ended up 18 for 18 for extra points.

“It was exciting,”?he says. “I didn’t know any of the rules but I learned.”

He also managed to keep his grades up during the season, attaining the A Honor Roll and earning an Academic Award for football.

Now, that sport is over and he’s already moved on to learning more new things by joining wrestling.

“It’s another new thing and new experience,” he says. “It’s only the second day but I?like it so far.”

Before the school year is over he hopes to have participated in track at USC?as well.

“Sports are probably my favorite thing to do,” he adds.

And he has experienced his fair share of sporting events since coming to stay with the Thisius family.

“We went to a Vikings game and a Gophers game,”?he says.

Aside from his love for sports and strong desire for new experiences, his love for travel and adventure is what caused him to participate in the exchange student program.

“My father likes to travel, too. When I?was younger he took me along,”?he says. “Then I decided for myself that I?like traveling, as well.”

He says he has traveled all over with his father including, Mexico, Egypt and, his favorite, Thailand.

“The food there is different than anywhere else and the islands, they are like paradise,”?Duerpisch explains.

But he also enjoyed Thailand since it played into his sense of adventure.

“I like to scuba dive. I learned to do that when I was probably 12 years old,”?he says.

He and his father have gone scuba diving together, but later this school year Duerpisch will get the chance to go without his dad.

“We are going to Florida after wrestling season and before track,” Rita adds. “He will be able to do some scuba diving there.”

Duerpisch has some other fun travel plans during his time in Wells. He will be going to Wisconsin with the family for Thanksgiving.

“We don’t celebrate that so I am very excited,”?he says. “I’m looking forward to the food and everything that surrounds the holiday.”

Then, he will be going on a ski trip with the program at Mt. Kato this winter, which is something else he enjoys doing.

“I have been snowboarding for about five years now,”?he adds. “I learned from my father.”

It seems he has inherited his father’s love for adventure and traveling. But, he has been enjoying the learning aspect of studying as an exchange student as well.

“I wanted to improve my English,”?he says.

That is the reason studying abroad in the United States first crossed his mind.

“But everything here is so much bigger, more possibilities,”?he adds.

Duerpisch views it as the country of Germany is the same size as Minnesota and yet Minnesota is just a state in a country.

“That’s so fascinating to me,”?he says.

So, as Duerpisch learns about life on the farm and how to live with siblings all while experiencing a new culture, the Thisius family is learning quite a bit as well.

The family hosted their first exchange student last year and it was a good experience for them.

“I wanted Linsey to experience having a sister,”?Rita explains. “So we hosted last year and we had a good time.”

Rita adds that the time in their life felt right so they decided to host another student this year.

“I’m trying to learn some words in German while he’s here,”?Rita jokes.

“She’s doing pretty good,”?Duerpisch adds.

He has enjoyed supporting Linsey through her tennis season, helping Levi with the cattle and spending time with the whole family. And, they have enjoyed it as well.

“It’s just fun to share your life with people,”?Rita adds.