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UHD still changing structure

By Staff | Dec 7, 2014

The United Hospital District is taking care of business and their business transition.

They have been working up to the move from being a district board to becoming a non-profit governing board.

In fact, UHD hopes to have taken care of several transitional items by Jan. 1.

“We continue to spend a great deal of time preparing for the transition,” UHD administrator Jeff Lang said.

Some items include health insurance and payroll transferred to the UHD Inc. their non-profit board from the current UHD operating board.

According to Lang’s administrative report they have tested the cut over to UHDIs payroll system and having employees fill out new W-4 forms.

“I don’t have any concerns at this time regarding UHDIs ability to receive UHD’s employees on January 1,” he added.

All of the insurance plans for employees have also been updated and will be transferred at the beginning of 2015.

As for completing some of the paperwork at the state level, UHD has hit a bit of a snag.

“We overcame a significant question this past week which held up much of this work,”?Lang said.

According to the administrator, they had requested a State Tax ID number, but there had already been one requested.

“The people at the State level were unsure how to handle it issue a new State ID number or reopen the old number,”?Lang explained.

After a bit of discussion it had been decided to reissue the old number.

“There are many other tasks I?haven’t mentioned that are occurring as well,”?Lang said. “With each day we get one step closer to completing each task.”

Aside from a major transition, the board also approved a major amount of capital requests totalling more than $75,000.

“We are significantly under what we have budgeted for capital requests,”?chief financial officer Diane Deblon said. “We had over one million budgeted and have only spent three or four thousand.”?

The first capital request was from the maintenence department for the purchase of a $9,500 used tractor. They would use it for blading and snowblowing in the winter and a spreader and mower during the summer.

This would be used for sidewalks and areas around the hospital in addition to the contractor who plows the main parking areas.

The second request was from IT totalling $27,107 for PCs, laptops and carts for the computer upgrade.

The clinic made a capital request for a refurbished ultrasound unit, which would cost $21,794.

UHD has two other ultrasound units, however this one is smaller and would be used in the clinic as the physicians deem necessary.

The final request was for timekeeping software for UHD.

“This software is needed for hourly employees,”?Deblon said. “The current version will no longer be supported in 2015.”

The cost for equipment, testing and installation would be $16,620.

The board approved all four requests.

In other business;

The UHD board members thanked Joyce Ehrich for her time served on the board. The meeting held last Tuesday was her last as a board member.

“It was time to move on but I?have thoroughly enjoyed being on the board,”?Ehrich said.

The board approved the strategic plan for 2015-2018 which was reviewed at a previous meeting and brought back for finalization.