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Adams retire from careers – but not their community

By Staff | Dec 29, 2014

They are ready to move on, but don’t want to go too far.

Don and Linda Adams have lived in the area most of their lives, but unlike most have spent many years in the same career.

Don worked for the city of Blue Earth for 40 years and his wife Linda has spent the last 22 years as an agent at American Family Insurance.

But now they are ready to retire, and at the same time.

Don has worked at Blue Earth Wine and Spirits for the last 39 years and officially retired last month.

“Nov. 19 was officially my last day, but I had some vacation before that,”?he says.

As for Linda, she has been easing into retirement from American Family.

“I will be done on Dec. 31,”?she says.

But, they have been preparing for this for longer than a couple of months.

The thought of retirement even crossed their minds about five years ago when they decided to downsize.

“We were living in a house in the country,”?Don says. “But decided to downsize and move into town.”

Then about a year ago the idea really started to set in for the couple.

“I gave a year notice,”?Linda says. “And, once you make that decision to retire it just feels right.”

And since both have served in their careers for a number of years, the lengthy notice came in handy.

Don was able to retire from the liquor store knowing Craig Wells would take over and run things well.

“He’s been there 30 years; he knows what he’s doing,”?Don says.

And Linda feels confident in her successor as well.

“Jess Holland is taking over the agency. She’s been there two and a half years and will do great,” she says.

The couple jokes that they wish them well, but they are ready to move on to their retirement.

“It was nice to prepare,”?Linda says. “Don had a sign on the garage that counted down the days he had left.”

Don joked that he made sure Linda saw it so he could boast about retiring before her.

But, they both admit they will miss their co-workers, customers and others they met along the way.

“I will miss the relationships I had with the other agents in the company,”?Linda says.

However, when the end of the month rolls around, the couple will be preparing for retired life.

“In the end of January we will be spending a week in South Padre, Texas,”?Linda says.

After that they plan to come home for a bit, then travel to Arizona in March.

The couple also has a camper at the Flying Goose Campground and intend to spend more time out there during the summers.

“We have a pontoon out there; it’s a small lake but we like it,”?Linda says.

The couple also agrees retirement will allow them to do more camping, fishing and golfing.

But, most importantly, they will have much more time for family.

The Adams have seven grandchildren and now they will be able to see more of them.

“It will be nice to go to more of their activities,”?Don says. “And then we can stay and not have to worry about getting back for work.”

The couple also poked fun at each other about spending more time together now, after all their working years.

However, the fact that they are celebrating 45 years of marriage should help them out.

Don and Linda both attended and graduated from Granada schools, and that is where it all started.

“We are high school sweethearts,”?Linda says. “We met on the school bus in second or third grade.”?

“We even went to prom together,” Don adds.

They never thought they would end up in Blue Earth, but they were glad they did.

“It was a great community to raise a family and have careers in,”?Linda says.

And although they are happy to retire, they don’t plan to leave the community other than the occasional warm weather trip in the winters.