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Demo begins soon

By Staff | Dec 29, 2014

Cones have been placed and demolition work has begun on a Main Street building in Winnebago.

Passersby may wonder why cones have been placed in front of the old Outlet Store building in Winnebago they have been placed for good reason.

“The contractors began yesterday (Dec. 21) at the demo site,”?Winnebago city administrator Chris Ziegler says.

The Winnebago City Council approved a bid, at their meeting held on Dec. 9 for MAAC, Inc., a contractor out of Montevideo, to begin the process of demolition at the old Outlet Building.

The bid from MAAC, Inc., which was the low bid came in at $100,000 and the alternate bid was for $17,455. Both bids were accepted by the council at that meeting to complete the project as a whole.

It was brought to the council’s attention at a special meeting held on Sept. 23 that the building was a potential hazard.

Some of the damage to the old building includes a noticeable crack along the east side, falling bricks, water damage in trusses, bowing walls and much more.

“They (the contractors) are currently working on salvage and setup now and will be doing remediation of asbestos next week,”?Ziegler explains.

The council had hoped the demolition could be completed by winter, which has been cutting it close.

However, with the warmer days and recent rain, it looks like it will still be completed before any additional damage can be added to the building by heavy winter snowfall.

“Actual demolition of the building will begin around Jan. 1 and should be completed by Jan. 15,” Ziegler adds.

Another abandoned building on Main Street has been brought to the council’s attention, but was tabled at the Dec. 15 meeting.

The building most recently known as The Stable has been sitting empty and the city was approached for possible purchase.

It was orignally suggested to the council to purchase the building so as to be proactive in keeping it maintained, to avoid a similar problem as that with the old Outlet Store building.

Council members were torn during the original discussion. While they were opposed to using taxpayers dollars to purchase a building, they also wanted to ensure the building would not remain empty and neglected.

At their most recent meeting, Ziegler told the council that a couple of private parties were interested in the building.

“I suggest we table this until I?can look more into it,”?Ziegler told the council at that time.

It is still the hope of the council that the building can be kept in private hands, and that remains the case as of Dec. 22.

“Nothing has changed with the old SuperValu building; there are a couple of private parties that are interested in it and I?am trying to facilitate keeping it in private hands,”?Ziegler says.

So, that building issue will remain tabled as the council continues to ensure a successful demolition of the dangerous building on Main Street.