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Best Friends Forever

By Staff | Jan 18, 2015

While their first dance may have been choreographed, the rest of Bjorn and Hannah Olson’s story was a bit more freestyle.

The Olsons, of Elmore, were married on March 29, 2014 and both found jobs teaching in the Blue Earth Area School District he as a social studies teacher and she as a Title 1.

But, that is not where the story begins. The Olson’s story goes back to their freshmen year of college and developed as they both completed their majors in Education at Bethel University.

“We met through mutual friends,” Hannah says. “Our group of friends all started hanging out.”

They had continued to cross paths as their friends hung out from time to time.

Sophomore year, Hannah found herself eating alone in the dining room for lunch one day, that is until Bjorn walked in and sat down with her.

“She was the only person that I knew that had lunch at the same time,”?Bjorn adds.

This continued every Tuesday and Thursday during their sophomore year and before they knew it, they had become the best of friends.

“Our lunches went from being an hour to an hour and a half,” Hannah says.

Their conversations became discussions and their discussions became deeper discussions.

Then one night, Bjorn took a chance and kissed Hannah when they were on their way to hang out with some friends.

“I had been contemplating that for awhile,”?Bjorn admits. “I would say it turned out in my favor.”

The friendship and romance continued to blossom throughout their remaining time at Bethel together.

During their final year of college, Hannah would come down to the Blue Earth area with Bjorn to spend time with his family on weekends.

Other weekends, Bjorn would go to Chanhassen, where Hannah was from, to spend time with her family.

By then, their relationship had gotten very serious.

“I had an inkling he would propose in spring but that was all,” Hannah says.

And, while most guys plan the proposal out to the very last detail, this proposal worked out a little differently.

Hannah had been student teaching during the couple’s senior year in college. So, one evening she decided to ask Bjorn to hang out.

“I just asked him if he wanted to watch the sunset over Lake Josephine,” Hannah says.

But, little did she or even Bjorn know what that night would become.

Hannah waited for Bjorn near the lake that evening, but Bjorn had started running late.

“That night, I had supper with her parents in Chanhassen and was asking their permission to marry her,”?Bjorn explains.

He was on his way back to school from Hannah’s parents’ house when she asked if he wanted to join her to watch the sunset.

“When she asked me that, and I?had just got done talking to her parents about it, I thought this was the perfect moment,”?Bjorn says.

He had absolutely no intention of proposing that night but saw the perfect opportunity and ran home to get the ring.

They watched the sunset together and when they were finally alone on the beach, Bjorn asked his best friend to marry him.

“I was in shock but good shock,”?Hannah recalls.

The couple knew they had not wanted to have a very long engagement. So, Hannah began planning things for a March wedding.

Since Bjorn is in the Army Reserves, he spent a month away from home. Hannah got a lot of planning done during that month.

But, there were many factors which caused the wedding date to fall into a very specific time frame.

Since both were planning to become teachers, they hoped that they would end up in the same district BEA?School District.

They thought that if they did end up in the same district, they would both be available at the same time.

They also had to plan ahead for Bjorn’s involvement with the Army Reserves.

“If I had not gotten a teaching job I would have been gone for training in the winter that year,” Bjorn explains. “But if I did get the teaching job, I would have been gone for training during the summer.”

So, taking all that in to consideration, they chose March 29, just 10 months after they became engaged.

“We were really blessed there were job openings for both of us here,”?Hannah said.

Although, that did mean she had to plan a wedding during her first year teaching.

She scheduled meetings, made calls and much more, all during her spare time.

Finally, March 29 arrived and the couple celebrated their friendship and love.

“Both Bjorn and I have always wanted to marry our best friends,” Hannah says. “So a lot of our focus for the wedding day was on the fact that we were best friends.”

And by doing so, a lot of unique touches were put on their big day.

One of them being a little scheduled alone time between the ceremony and the reception.

The couple did not have a receiving line after the ceremony and had guests see them off right away.

So Hannah and Bjorn arrived at the reception site before any of the guests.

The reception was held at the Minnesota Arboretum in Chaska, where Hannah’s family had been members for years.

When the couple arrived, they had a private dinner waiting for them.

“I highly recommend that, we were able to have a special moment alone before the guests arrived,” she adds.

They also took a moment to share their first dance, just the two of them, in their private room.

Then, when the guests arrived, the couple had even more unique touches in store.

“We had the Red Rock Swing Band and they played in the main foyer of the arboretum,”?Hannah said.

And to add some fun for the guests, the couple hired a swing dance instructor available to teach their guests some of the basic steps something the couple did for their first dance as well.

Bjorn explained that the couple had previously been to weddings which got them thinking that they wanted to do something more fun for their first dance.

The fun didn’t stop there, because Bjorn also had his mother-son dance choreographed.

The rest of the night involved a lot of fun and a lot of people dancing to the swing band.

Now, almost a year later, the couple is living in Elmore and enjoying married life.

However they enjoy one aspect of marriage that most people will never experience working together every day.

“We don’t see each other all the time, but it’s a blessing to work together,”?Hannah adds.

And, it is all thanks to a spontaneous lunch together, an unplanned kiss, a spur of the moment proposal and a swinging good time at their wedding.