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USC appoints Tom Legred to fill vacant board seat

By Staff | Jan 26, 2015

A new member has taken the vacant seat on the United South Central School Board.

Tom Legred, of Bricelyn, has accepted the position and was officially sworn in at the School Board meeting held last Tuesday night.

At the last meeting of the year, former School Board member Sharon Parriott announced that she would not be accepting her seat on the board at the start of the 2015 year.

It was decided at that December meeting that the School Board would advertise and conduct interviews in order to find a replacement.

The members held interviews during a special meeting on Jan. 13. The interviews began at 6:30 p.m. and lasted until 8:10 p.m.

They interviewed three candidates; Legred, Emily Allard and Elisa Eytcheson.

Due to the appointment of Legred, the board had to take action to change assignments of committees, as well.

A?few of the members were removed from boards and placed on others, and Legred was assigned to the technology committee and the finance committee.

“I would like to extend my welcome to Mr. Legred to the board,” USC?superintendent Dr. Jerry Jensen said.

The School Board also voted in favor of using Feb. 13 as a student attendance day.

The date had originally been scheduled as a staff development day. However, the school had to utilize a snow day for an emergency school closing on Jan. 8.

In other business:?

The School Board voted in favor of allowing the all-school reunion committee to use some of their funds to salvage the cornerstones of the old school along with old time capsules and use them to build a display for them.

“I think it’s a good idea and needs to be taken into consideration when coming up with a demolition proposal (for the old school building),” board chair Kathy Krebsbach said.

A motion was passed allowing the school district to hire a full-time specific learning disabilities teacher.

Two of the full-time teachers in the Special Education department had left at the end of the school year.

However, with the new school and enrollment numbers increasing, there has been a new need for help in that department.

“The special ed. numbers are going up; specifically in the area of specific learning disabilities,”?Jensen said. “I think it would be wise to add back a full-time teacher in that area for the levels around grades 5-8.”

The School Board approved a raise for athletic referees and umpires beginning for the winter sports season.

“Sue Summer, the athletic director, has been having some difficulty trying to get referees and umpires for the lower level games,” Jensen explained.

Summer had researched the pay rate for other schools in the conference and found that USC?was on the lower end of the pay scale. She suggested they raise the referee rate by $10 and the umpire rate by $20.

“It’s a considerable jump percentage-wise, but I really think it’s necessary,”?Jensen said. “Even with this increase we will still be in the middle of the pack in this regard.”

The School Board voted in favor of the increase and hoped it would help secure some of the refs for the lower grades of sports teams.