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BEA students Olson, Johnson are recipients of the Triple A Award

By Staff | Feb 8, 2015

Some students are active to get into a good college, others to stay busy; but two Blue Earth Area students are involved in a wide range of activities for a completely different reason.

Their love for athletics, arts and academics and a passion for their school district is what kept Signe Olson and Jacob Johnson involved and earned them the honor of being this year’s Triple A Award recipients.

“I was surprised,” Johnson says. “There were others who I?thought would get it over me.”

Johnson, of Blue Earth, the son of Aaron and Jenna Johnson says that would be the best way to describe his reaction when he found out he was selected.

“Yeah, excited would be the only way to describe it,”?Olson, of Blue Earth and daughter of Amalia and Stephen Olson, adds.

However, after hearing how involved these two high school seniors are, it is no surprise they were selected.

“I’ve always tried to be pretty active,”?Olson says. “Even throughout middle school.”

During the school year she stays busy participating in cross country, basketball, track, golf, student trainer for the football team, orchestra, band, jazz band, choir, small groups in choir, student council, 4-H and more.

“Being involved in so much, I?got to see so many different perspectives on things,”?Olson adds.

She valued being able to participate in the variety of activities with many different groups of people.

“My whole high school career has been amazing,”?she says.

She has even enjoyed most of the classes she has had at BEA.

“Science is probably the best,”?she says. “But, I don’t really mind any of the subjects.”

After BEA, Olson knows she wants to pursue a higher education in exercise science or kinesiology.

“But, I haven’t set which college I?plan to go to yet,”?Olson adds.

Johnson also knows he wants to go to college, but his path will be a bit different than Olson’s.

“I will be going on a two-year mission trip with my church next year,”?Johnson says. “After that I plan to go to school.”

Currently, Johnson wants to pursue something in the medical field at Brigham Young University.

But, in the meantime, he is enjoying the rest of his time at BEA.

He is in choir and small groups, football, track, wrestling and has been in scouts for five years.

Football has been his favorite activity and has provided him with some of his fondest memories of his high school career.

“I?love the team aspect of it, but it’s also a very individual sport as well,”?he explains. “But, my favorite achievement is the football team making it to State this year.”

He says it was a great feeling to go to State despite the fact that many people didn’t think the Bucs would make it to that level this year.

“We kind of defied the odds,”?he says. “It was also great when we won State. I was part of that team and that was very cool.”

Johnson’s favorite subject is history, but one class really stood out in his memory and that was Shakespeare.

“We got to actually act out the plays and that really helped,”?he says. “It was a lot of fun.”

Somehow, these two students manage to enjoy participating in extracurricular activities and excel in their classwork.

To them it all boils down to one thing time management.

“It is all about time management,”?Olson says. “It helps that a lot of things are scheduled on different days or at different times.”

She adds that she is really grateful that the teachers, coaches and advisors are really understanding when students have sports or activities to go to.

“You really have to take advantage of the time teachers give you in class,”?Johnson says. “Try to work in as much as you can in the classroom.”

Both admit that sleep is important when you stay so busy.

“But, sleep can escape you when you’re so busy, you have to make it a priority,”?Johnson says.

Despite all the work and time management, neither student would have it any other way.

“Being recognized with the Triple A Award wasn’t really a goal,”?Olson adds. “I?just really like to be involved.”

Johnson said that aiming for the Triple A recognition might have been extra work, but it was worth a shot.

“I?decided in the grand scheme of things, it was worth the work to apply,”?he says.

“Being involved in as much as I am, it was really nice to get the recognition,” Olson says.

The Triple A Award, or the academics, arts and athletics award, is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League, and is given to high school seniors who maintain a “B” or better grade point average and who participate in athletic and fine arts activities.

Johnson and Olson were recognized during the home girls basketball game held on Feb. 1.

The two students competed at the region level, however, did not advance to the Sections.