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USC opens bids for demolition

By Staff | Feb 16, 2015

The United South Central School Board has to knock out some items on their to-do list before they can knock down an old building.

The board members held a special meeting last?Thursday to address some of those items specifically to approve a timeline for accepting bids for the demolition work on the former USC school building.

Nick Leimer and Justin Webster, of Kraus-Anderson, were present at the meeting to hammer out some bid specifications before they begin advertising for the work.

“A?timeline has been put together,”?Webster told the School Board.

Requests for bids were to begin this week, with hopes to schedule walk-throughs with the demolition contractors between Feb. 25 and March 5.

“Then we would hope to make a recommendation to the board by March 17 and have demolition begin immediately following the asbestos abatement,” Webster explained.

However, some local history and community enthusiasts want to get their hands on some items in the old school before the crews get to work.

Ila Teskey was present at the meeting to make a request on behalf of the Wells Historical Society.

“The historical society owns Veterans Park as well as the Depot Museum we are going to add a sidewalk from one site to the other,”?Teskey explained.

The group was hoping to salvage cornerstones and arches from the old school and incorporate them into the walkway project near the Historical Society’s two sites.

“We can specify that in the bid specs,” Webster said. “If we wanted we could do a walk through to check everything and pull out the relics that you guys may want to keep.”

The timeline for the actual demolition process is not expected to be too time consuming. However, they will give the contractors six weeks total to complete demolition.

“We are hoping that the demo contractor would be in by April 15 and out by May 30,”?Webster said. “I just think that’s a real ideal timeline for the city.”

The School Board set a special meeting for March 9 where they will discuss and award the bids for the demolition project.

Their next regular meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 17.