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USC to keep Reggie

By Staff | Feb 23, 2015

United South Central came prepared to squash any rumors about Reggie the Rebel.

After the last regular USC School Board meeting, discussion throughout the community began circulating about a comment made by a member of the public regarding the school’s mascot.

In fact, about 20 people filled the room where the School Board meeting was held last Tuesday night in order to show their Rebel Pride.

More than half of the people in attendance were USC students who had come to express their opinions on the whole situation.

“No one ever thought to ask us, the students, what we think about it,” student Adam Stevermer said.

Stevermer described what a rebel was to him and his peers: “…someone who doesn’t accept normal standards.”

“And, for those who say he looks like a confederate Rebel not true,” Stevermer continued. “The fact that he is male and doesn’t represent USC females. The girls represent USC well, they are not secondary to the guys.”

The students added that a rebel represents change and is someone who challenges the way individuals think.

“The Star Wars rebels brought peace to the galaxy,” Stevermer said. “The message of being the Rebels is to always question how we do things and what we can do better. We should always seek improvement. The Rebels are not defined by a mascot or a mustache.”

After hearing from members of the community and School Board members, the students were happy to have their opinion on the matter heard.

“I take great pride in my school and my mascot, Stevermer added.

Although making a decision on the matter had not originally been an item on the agenda, the School Board added it in order to put an end to any more discussion on the mascot.

“I have gotten the most feed back on this topic and that is to keep our current mascot,” board member Dale Stevermer said.

Board chair Kathy Krebsbach thanked both Michael Virnig, who originally sparked discussion on the Rebel mascot, and the students for sharing their opinions on the topic.

“I am in agreement with what he (Adam Stevermer) had to say,” Krebsbach said.

“I have heard people like Reggie,” board member Tom Legred added. “But I have heard one person tell me they agree with Mr. Virnig.”

The board voted unanimously and without much discussion to keep Reggie the Rebel as the USC mascot.

“By taking formal action I?hope we can put and end to the rumors,” Krebsbach said.