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Going once, going twice…SOLD!

By Staff | Mar 15, 2015

Cash Owens has gotten quite a bit of media attention within the past few months. First, Mankato’s KEYC-TV produced a story about him, followed by a story shared by KARE 11 a few weeks later.

Of course, the first mention of him and his special abilities came in a story in the Faribault County Register when his parents purchased the stockyard in Blue Earth a year ago.

What makes this boy so extraordinary? This year marks his third year since he began working as an auctioneer and he is only 10 years old.

It is not only his unbelievable talent that surprises most people, but the fact that his chants are accurate, precise and clear has people coming from all around southern Minnesota to witness what he can do.

“Since I’ve been doing it for three years, I kind of know what the prices should be,” Owens says. “So you just have to have filler words, which can be anything, and then you have to fill in the numbers as you go.”

Owens learned this technique from Travis Holck, the primary auctioneer at Blue Earth Stockyards, LLC.

“We were on our way back from Billings (South Dakota), and we sold everything,” Owens says.

The son of Dan and Leah Owens, Cash Owens has been around a number of different auctioneers since he was born, including a few of his siblings.

Owens’ older brother, Cody, was one of the first to teach Owens how to lead an auction. Now, Owens teaches both his younger brother, Chase, and his dad how to chant.

“We’ll be in his truck and he’ll just start practicing and he’ll ask me if he’s doing OK,” Owens says about helping his father learn how to chant. “And I’ll say yes, and he’ll just keep going.” Aside from working as an auctioneer at Blue Earth Stockyards LLC, Owens also works in the back alley, where the cattle move from the holding pens into the showroom.

“It’s usually me and one or two other guys,” says Owens. “It depends on how big the sale is, but we push anywhere from one steer to about 40.”

Nevertheless, becoming an auctioneer is where Owens’ true passion lies.

His first auction was about three years ago, when he and his family were at a sale in Jackson.

“When I was there, they were going with the sale and I told Cody, ‘I wonder if I should do that?’ He went up to the guy who owned it at the time and he let me sell,” says Owens.

Since then, he has led sales from Blue Earth to Jackson and all the way up to Motley. He typically leads the Friday afternoon sale, held at 1 p.m., at Blue Earth Stockyards LLC.

Owens goes to the Truman Elementary School in Truman, and when it comes to missing class on Fridays, he has permission from the administration to do so as long as his grades and his conduct stay in good standing.

After all, Owens already has a pretty good idea of what he would like to be when he grows up.

“I just hope that everything goes smooth and I hope the cattle go high,” he says.