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Kiester Library excited about their big move

By Staff | Jul 12, 2015

The community of Kiester continues to look for ways to keep their downtown thriving and their community growing.

And, they seem to have found another way to do just that.

This week the Kiester Library was hard at work as they finally made the move to a bigger location which was a win-win situation on a couple different levels.

“We were located on Main Street where the quilt shop is now,”?librarian Judy Meyer says.

But, when Quilter’s Cottage wanted to move to Kiester and needed a larger location, they thought the former library location would be perfect.

“And we thought getting a new business in town is always vital,” Meyer adds.

So, they knew their next move was to find a place to move to.

And, there was a location in town that was being utilized by a variety of different community groups and activities.

The Kee Town and Country Centre in Kiester is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the former school building.

In doing so, the building is used for community events such as fundraisers, group meetings space for activities like the oil painting club and for town events.

But there was still significant space for something else the Kiester Library.

“The move ended up being a major blessing in disguise,”?Meyer says. “We ended up with at least three times more space than we had before.”

And, they have some major plans to utilize all of that extra space at the new location.

“There is a lot of opportunity here for what we can do as far as programming,”?Meyer says.

One side of the library will be dedicated to the children’s room and will include lots of space for activities.

Eventually, they plan to add a door between one section of the library and the area with the kid’s corner so they can close it off if they have an activity.

“That way one side of the library will remain a little more quiet if we do have an event,”?Meyer explains.

Meyer also says they have a space which could be used as a coffee bar.

“We would also like to keep the space open for more community programs and meetings,”?she says

With having the building heated in cooler months and air conditioned in warmer months, it would be the perfect place for additional meetings and activities.

A lot of work has already been put into the move, including adding new flooring, painting the walls and, of course, installing shelves for all of the books.

“The building was already set up for wireless Internet, we just had to have it run into this room,”?Meyers adds.

So, although they are still putting some final touches in place, library patrons can still come in to use the computers and wireless Internet.

And, as the final touches are put into the new location, the library has already received some great donations from community members.

“Someone donated an old record player that plays 33s, 45s and 78s,” Meyer says.

Another individual donated a cabinet with glass doors. Both donations have spurred ideas for future activities for the library.

“Some of the older people who visit the library thought it would be fun to have a dance night (with the record player),” Meyer says. “And we could even combine it with books from the 1930s to make it educational, too.”

The glass doored cabinet also served as inspiration for an ongoing activity.

“I?have always wanted to feature hobbies of community members,”?Meyer explains. “So, I thought we could use this to feature a different focus every month.”

But for now, this month’s focus is on getting all of the move completed and then for the library to get into the summer reading program.

“The program starts on July 28 and goes through Aug. 18,” Meyer says.

And, the new location seems to have something else which will be nice for the summer reading program.

“We have a nice grassy area right outside the library here,”?Meyer says. “So we can hold some of the reading program out there.”

The library move was complete by the end of the week and they are all settled in and ready for visitors.

Current library hours are Tuesday from 12:30-3:30 p.m., Thursday from 5-7 p.m. and Saturday from 9-11 a.m.