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Blue Earth spreads love for reading with a Little Library

By Staff | Jul 17, 2015

You can take one, you can leave one. And you should definitely read one.

Books have been around for years, but a more recent trend has made its way to Blue Earth now, too.

The Blue Earth Community Library has announced they will be adding a little library, available to anyone and everyone.

“People can bring books to put in it, they can keep a book or bring it back,”?librarian Eva Gaydon explains.

The Little Library will be located in Putnam Park, in front of the Blue Earth Pool near the statue of the little girl.

However, it will be hard to miss this unique and well-made Little Library.

Dave Eckhardt, of Blue Earth, designed and built this Little Library that is sure to stand out from the rest.

“We wanted to go with the Moses Sailor cabin inspiration,”?Gaydon says.

This theme seemed appropriate since not too far from Putnam Park is where Moses Sailor’s cabin once stood.

And, since Moses Sailor was the first permanent settler of Faribault County.

Sailor arrived in the area in 1855 and built his famous log cabin along the Blue Earth River about a mile south of Putnam Park.

He was very welcoming to newcomers and his cabin is where many of Blue Earth’s founders spent their first night.

Sailor was a farmer and was not a resident of the city, just the outskirt, but is said to have been very involved in city affairs. This makes it fitting that he is honored through this new addition to the city of Blue Earth.

“We thought this was something to tie it in locally,”?Gaydon adds.

With that inspiration in mind, Eckhardt was able to go ahead and design and build the weather-tight home for books.

Now, although the little house for books is weather resistant, it may not be available to readers all year long.

“Since Putnam park entrance is blocked off during the winter, the Little Library will only be available when the weather is good,”?Gaydon adds.

Once the library is put up, it will be included in the directory for littlefreelibrary.org. And with that organization, there are some guidelines to follow.

“We will actually print out a how-to guide to include in our Little Library,”?Gaydon says.

Some may be curious as to how a Little Library works. Well, it is as easy as stopping by, browsing the books and selecting one. Then, the borrower can take the book home, read it and keep it, or they can return it.

Visitors to the Little Library can also leave books of their own to share with others.

The Blue Earth Community Library will stock the Little Library to get things started.

“We thought we might select books that are more geared toward children since we will have the library located near the pool and park,”?Gaydon says.

However, it was also discussed by the Friends of the Blue Earth Community Library to look into including some books for adults who may be visiting the pool or park, as well.

Once the system gets underway, the library will check in at the Little Library from time to time just to make sure it is staying stocked.

According to the Little Free Library website, anyone can contribute or take books. Those who take a book do not need to return that book at any point.

And, if you don’t have a library card, no problem. You can still use the Little Library.