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A mob is coming to worship at Prairie River Camp

By Staff | Jul 26, 2015

When one hears the word mob, it is not always associated with other words such as passion, positivity and uplifting.

But, one group is going to be in Bricelyn proving that sometimes a mob really can be all of those things.

On July 31 and Aug. 1, the WorshipMob will be at Prairie River Camp in?Bricelyn to celebrate the goodness of God.

The group, who is from Colorado Springs, formed as a way to have fellowship with one another.

“They started meeting about four or five years ago to pray together and have fellowship,”?says Tim Nelson of Wilderness Prayer Center.

From there they began recording their worship music and posting videos on YouTube to spread the message to others.

Now they have released their first CD as a group.

“Their music is really powerful,”?Nelson adds. “They are very talented.”

Each member of WorshipMob is a worship leader; however, they are not all of the same denomination.

“Denominations are not even a consideration,” Nelson says.

And, that is exactly what draws many people to the group their message focuses on one important thing:?God.

Upon WorshipMob’s arrival at Prairie River Camp, a whole host of activities will take place throughout the weekend, including music and messages from the group themselves.

In fact, on Friday night beginning at 7 p.m., a very special message will be given by WorshipMob member Garrett Chynoweth.

“He has a very powerful message,” Nelson says. “We are pushing that night as a youth night but anyone who attends will be very impacted by his story.”

Chynoweth will tell about his experience growing up around his family who was involved in a cult. His grandfather was the cult leader who was eventually sent to jail for murders of members of his family.

As a result, Chynoweth’s father was also murdered and not long after, his mother committed suicide.

And, this was all before he was nine years old.

Now, he uses that message to inspire others and show that everyone is worthy of redemption.

The weekend will also include a program at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, which will include uplifting messages, worship and, of course, music.

Throughout the day on Saturday, individuals can participate in activities around the Prairie River Camp. Some of those activities include zip lining, a ropes course and paint ball.

At 2 p.m. WorshipMob will move to the Wilderness Prayer Center where they will hold a question and answer?panel.

“They will talk about their experiences and answer any questions from people,”?Nelson explains.

Anyone is welcome to attend the panel but it would especially benefit worship leaders and worship team members.

People attending the event are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets.

“There will be seating for a couple hundred,” Nelson says. “But we are expecting a big turnout.”

The big turnout is why they chose to hold the event at the camp.

“When we found out that they travel we wanted to get them to come to the area,”?Nelson says. “So we decided to have it at the camp in order to accommodate a large attendance.”

There will also be some food available on site, so those who wish can eat there as well.

The event is free of charge but there will be a free will offering accepted.

People interested in attending are welcome to register at www.eventbrite.com by searching WorshipMob: Encounter 2015 or by visiting www.facebook.com and searching WorshipMob: Encounter 2015.

And while they encourage registering to get a feel for the number of people attending, it is not required.

For more information on the event, contact Nelson at (507) 525-0349 or visit www.wildernessprayercenter.org for a schedule of events for the weekend.