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Elmore native makes crazy good eats with crazy good meats

By Staff | Aug 2, 2015

It was a ‘crazy’ idea. But, it was also a ‘good’ idea.

About two years ago, former Elmore resident Garrett Eisele decided to make and sell beef snack bites.

That was the birth of ‘Crazy Good Meats,’ a venture he started in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“I formed a company, Eisele Enterprises, and started trying to develop a market for the product,” Eisele says. “It has been pretty interesting.”

He started by going to farmers markets and now hits 24 of them every month. Plus he goes to various community events.

Two weeks ago he returned to his old home town of Elmore and was selling the Crazy Good Meats packets at a stand on Highway 169 during Elmore’s Horse and Buggy Day.

Now he is also trying to distribute the 4-ounce packets of short meat sticks at various restaurants and small shops.

“I’m not going to the big chain stores,” he says. “I am trying to help small businesses have a new product.”

He currently is selling an average of 2,300 packets each month. They come in three different versions Mandarin Teriyaki, Jalapeno and Hickory Smoked Bacon.

“The Hickory Smoked Bacon is my personal favorite,” Eisele says. “But then, how can you go wrong with bacon?”

Eisele adds that all the meat in his Crazy Good Meat sticks are of course USDA inspected and are only the highest quality.

“Many of the meat sticks out there for sale are not always the highest quality product,” he says. “Some don’t use the best meat, but we do, and we get it all locally.”

Plus, he says, his Crazy Good Meats packets are a real bargain in today’s market.

“Many of my competitors sell these smaller meat stick bites in packages that are 2.8 to 3 ounces and they price them at $7.35,” he explains. “Mine are a full 4 ounces and sell for just $5.99 plus they taste a whole lot better.”

The Crazy Good Meats packets are available at Juba’s SuperValu and Double Play in Blue Earth, MarketPlace Foods in Winnebago, the Old Mill Inn in Minnesota Lake and the Channel Inn in Fairmont.

They may soon also be available at another location the concession stands at Blue Earth Area Schools sporting events.

Eisele says he would like to offer the school the opportunity to sell the meat packets with no outlay in expense.

“I wouldn’t charge them up front, and then for each one they sell, they would get to keep $2,” Eisele says. “I am doing this for several non-profit groups already, and I would offer this opportunity to any group that would be interested.”

Eisele is a 1994 graduate of Blue Earth Area High School. His parents, Mark and Julette Eisele, still live in Elmore. They helped out by manning the stand at Horse and Buggy Day, selling a lot of the Crazy Good Meat snack packs.

Garrett Eisele was busy manning a similar stand at a farmers’ market in Iowa, but he did make it up to Elmore in time to help out his parents and attend the street dance.

“I’d like to give back to my former community and school, help them in this way,” Eisele says.

His company is going through a rapid growth and expansion at the moment. He is meeting right now with the Small Business Association to help with all of his expansion plans.

Eisele is on the road constantly marketing his product and setting up distribution points.

“I am looking for some people to help with distribution of the product,” he says. “And I am also interested in talking to any bar or restaurant or small store that might be interested in selling some Crazy Good Meats. Or any group or organization interested in selling Crazy Good Meats packets as a fundraiser.”

Eisele says anyone interested in talking to him about his product can contact him by email at beefsticks1@outlook.com.

“We are expanding really fast,” he says. “The last year and a half has been pretty hectic, and we are just plugging away.”

This next year he hopes to team up with a major distributor.

“And a year from now I plan on being out in Sturgis for the bike rally,” Eisele says. “I think if I had a stand there it would be a really big hit.”