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Wells Lions Club plans to build a plaza

By Staff | Aug 2, 2015

Though things may look empty in the lot between 115 and 125 South Broadway Street in Wells, rest assured, action will be taking place soon enough.

Ground was broken on July 8 at the empty lot to make room for a new Lions Plaza, brought to the community by the Wells Lions Club and the Faribault County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). City administrator Robin Leslie was also at the ground breaking ceremony to represent the City of Wells.

Though work was slated to begin last week, according to Leslie, the rock removal on the lot had been delayed due to the rain that also arrived during last week.

“We will probably now wait until after Kernel Days to start digging because of the mess involved,” said Leslie.

She also shared that the Lions Plaza committee continues to meet and is in the process of selecting pavers, benches, picnic tables, plants, signage, lighting, and all other accoutrement for the plaza, while Schrader Enterprises is in charge of landscaping.

“These will be ordered after our next meeting because of production timing,” mentioned Leslie.

Michele Wigern, of the SWCD, attended the ground breaking ceremony in Wells during the first week of July and mentioned her thanks to the Wells Lions for their environmental consciousness in deciding to make the plaza a storm water project.

It was said that the Lions received a grant from the SWCD for $25,000, with matching funds of $7,500. The grant the Lions received is one of many grants available for non-profit community groups, such as a Lions Club, to address issues with storm water management.

The Lions Plaza has plans for a rain garden and gravel paths to manage the storm water in the area, along with no mow turf, and a number of trees and shrubs to also brighten up the area.