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Yeager to be honored as the W’bago Hall of Famer

By Staff | Aug 9, 2015

Sally Yeager was named as the 2015 Winnebago Hall of Fame recipient. She will be honored at a reception held at the Winnebago Municipal Center on Saturday, Aug. 14 from 2-4 p.m. A special presentation will be held that day at 3p.m.

She doesn’t like to toot her own horn when it comes to special recognitions, however, the city of Winnebago is going to do it for her this year.

Sally Yeager, of Winnebago, has been named this year’s Winnebago Hall of Fame recipient.

“Everyone can make a difference,” she says. “I used to be shy but you just have to get out of that mode and you can make friends and make people feel special.”

Which is just what Yeager does and why she is appreciated in the community of Winnebago, even though she says she doesn’t understand why she would be chosen for such an honor.

And, the same was true just a couple of years ago when she was selected as the Woman of Achievement.

However, it is that humble yet helping hand she lends to those in need around the community that has earned her both of these recognitions.

She is currently an active member of the Winnebago Area Museum Board where she volunteers weekly and helps prepare for any events at the museum.

This will be Yeager’s second year on the museum board.

“It is a three year service then you can decide to do it for another three years after that,” she explains.

She says she really enjoys working at the museum and being on the board and recommends people volunteer or join the board if they are interested.

“We have a lot of good people who volunteer here but we would always be interested in more people getting involved,” she adds. “There is a treasure right here in our very own town and some people have never even visited.”

She adds that since it is the Winnebago Area Museum, there are artifacts and displays from Huntley and Delavan as well.

Yeager has also helped file people’s taxes in conjunction with AARP, however, she was not able to help this year.

“My partners had to quit, so I didn’t get a chance to do that this time,” she adds.

But she had been doing that in the Winnebago area for more than 14 years. She and her sister-in-law would go to Muir Library, Parker Oaks and Garden Court Apartments and help people with their taxes.

She also volunteers for Interfaith Caregivers which is a county-wide program.

“I?really like helping people,”?she explains.

As the 2015 recipient of the Winnebago Hall of Fame recognition, Yeager will be honored at a reception on Saturday, Aug. 14.

Often times, the recipients will ride in the parade during the town events. But, since Yeager likes to stay busy and help out, something she was involved with coincided with this year’s Bago Fun Fest parade.

“We had another all-school reunion in Delavan this year,”?she explains.

But, she thought combining the two popular town events, Brew Fest and Moto Fest, to make Bago Fun Fest was a big success.

“These celebrations are a way to bring people to these smaller communities,”?she says.

She adds that the schedule for Bago Fun Fest seemed to have had something for everyone this year.

“At MotoFest I have always enjoyed walking around the car show and going to the rodeo,”?she says.

And, although she had not been directly involved with planning MotoFest or Fun Fest this year, she still gets involved in other ways.

That is obvious in the work she does for the Winnebago Area Museum as they prepared for the events in town.

Yeager grew up in the Winnebago area and moved back to Winnebago later in life, but has not lived in the area her whole life.

“I grew up on a farm between Winnebago and Delavan and went to school in Delavan,” she says. “I?lived there until 1958 when my parents moved to central Minnesota.”

When she finished high school and after her parents moved, Yeager decided to help her sister move to Arizona.

“I lived there for a year and became active in the church,”?she explains.

It was because she became involved in a church in Arizona that she met a pastor who encouraged her to become a teacher.

“My pastor was moving to California, so I helped them move,”?she says. “A lot of my classmates had gotten married but I thought there had to be more than that, so when I had the opportunity to travel, I?did.”

It was in Santa Rosa, Calif. where she was encouraged by her pastor to attend college. So she received her AA?then returned to Minnesota where she finished her teaching degree at Mankato State University.

She then got a job in Gaylord where she taught fifth and sixth grades. Yeager was a teacher until she retired in 2000.

“We moved my mom back down to Winnebago and that’s when I?moved back as well,” she explains.

Aside from teaching, Yeager was also passionate about coaching girls athletics. She also spent time doing work for Habitat for Humanity.

“I just like to stay busy,”?she admits.

When she isn’t volunteering for Interfaith, helping with taxes, participating in events at the museum, working at the museum and staying active at church, she has a couple of other hobbies she enjoys.

Some of those hobbies include cooking, baking, reading, gardening and much more.

Now she can look at her resume of accomplishments and add one more well-deserved title to that list:?2015 Winnebago Hall of Famer.