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Planning for a big move

By Staff | Aug 23, 2015

Courthouse updates and campus changes are on the horizon in Faribault County.

And, with such a big project in progress, the Faribault County Commissioners wanted an update on how the updates, moves and repairs were going to take place.

Bob Mickelson, of I&S Group (ISG), attended the County Board meeting last Tuesday to provide just that.

“Right now we are currently working on the Ag Center and old jail building designs,” Mickelson said. “We have been able to do on-site visits and taking measurements.”

The plan includes moving some county offices into the Ag Center and making changes in the old jail building, as well.

“We are on our way with design plans and they should be available by mid-September for bidding purposes,”?he added.

Once those two projects are complete, ISG plans to move forward with other county projects.

“That’s when we will start with the annex building and discuss the exterior repairs of the courthouse,” Mickelson said.

He added that ISG had a summary of the budgets for each project so there would not be any surprises at the end of the process.

“With the Annex, we had the discussion that we wanted to do as little as possible,”?commissioner Greg Young asked. “Are you going to sit down with Human Services and other departments about what they need?”

Mickelson added they would be having that discussion as they progress on each project.

But the county buildings are not the only project on the radar. In fact, county engineer Mark Daly is preparing for another five years of road projects.

“I told you when I first started that I wanted to drive all of the roads in Faribault County and review them,”?Daly explained.

He informed the County Board that he has finished his review of the roads.

“MnDOT also performs their own review of the roads,” he added.

MnDOT ranks their roads on a scale of 0-5 on pavement roughness, 0-4 on pavement distress and 0-4.5 for overall pavement quality.

Daly said he uses those ratings from MnDOT and combines them with his own reviews to rank the road conditions on a scale of 0-100.

“A?score of 100 would be a road with brand new pavement and a 0 would be the worst,” he explained. “But, the lowest we have is a 26. I will then use that database to create our next five-year plan.”

Daly also presented the board with a resolution to accept state bridge bonding for the County Road 35 bridge.

“The original amount was $181,000 and it has now increased to $221,855,” Daly said.

The commissioners voted and passed the resolution to accept the bridge bonding.

The commissioners also approved a contract with the Blue Earth Snow Rovers for a grant from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“This grant is for the care of their trails,” Daly explained. “We require them to report what they have done before we actually hand them the check.”

In other business:

Dawn Fellows, Central Services director, asked for approval for a new hire. The county recently added the position of drainage manager and drainage inspector.

Fellows presented the board with the hire for the drainage inspector, Jadrien Irwin.

The County Board approved the bid for county employees’ life insurance policies.

“We are required to bid for life insurance policy this year we do this every five years,” Fellows explained. “That process is complete and I think it will be good news for the board.”

Fellows said with the new bid the county should be able to up their coverage or will have a savings if they keep coverage the same.

Bill Paul, current president of the Faribault County Historical Society, attended the County Board meeting, along with other FCHS members.

They visited to thank the county for all of their support and stayed to answer any questions the commissioners had about the FCHS.