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Better server needed

By Staff | Aug 30, 2015

Technology is in constant need of updating and maintenance, and the city of Winnebago recently had to do some updating and maintenance of their own, totaling more than $16,000.

The city needs a network server to host their network and back up their database. However, the current server is more than five years old and has been having issues.

“This has been acting up for some time,”? city administrator Chris Ziegler said. “So, I have been working on the replacement process for several months and have obtained two quotes.”

One quote came in from Bevcomm and the other vendor withdrew their proposal before the issue could be brought to the City Council.

“The utility committee discussed the project at their July and August meetings and made recommendations for the council,”?Ziegler said.

So, even though the second proposal was withdrawn, the committee recommended the council continue with the quote from Bevcomm.

“The proposal from Bevcomm includes the server, accessories, software and installation in the amount of $13,586.98,”?Ziegler said.

The City Council approved the proposal of $13,586.98, however, that was not the only expense related to the server upgrade.

“With the new server, we also are in need of a new maintenance contract,”?Ziegler said.

The contract would cost $500 a month and would include monitoring and back up, including backups to a cloud rather than an external device. “This amount is increased from our current contract due to the increased monitoring and new backup device and processes,”?Ziegler explained. “We will have much more advanced capabilities which will allow us to recover much faster from a failure or disaster if it should occur.”

Lastly, the upgrade also included the need to do some rewiring. This work was quoted at $2,445.

“With the enhanced capabilities, we need to update our wiring and cabling in the Municipal Center storage room and offices,” Ziegler explained.

The council approved that this work be done with Bevcomm, as well.

“We have had a good working relationship with Bevcomm,”?council member Rick Johnson said.

Councilman Dean Johnson wondered if there were any options for leasing the equipment rather than making the purchase.

“With how quickly things change, would they have a leasing program as an option?” he asked.

Ziegler said he did not ask for that option when seeking quotes from Bevcomm and the other companies.

“I usually try to stay away from leasing because of the interest,”?he explained.

The council agreed it would be better to avoid the cost of interest and just go forward with the purchase.