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Johanson resigns as city attorney

By Staff | Sep 13, 2015

An unexpected resignation prompted the Winnebago City Council to begin a search for a new city attorney.

After many years of service, Winnebago city attorney Douglas Johanson submitted his letter of resignation to the council at their meeting last Tuesday night.

“For personal reasons I am resigning as Winnebago city attorney, effective upon the hiring of my successor,”?Johanson wrote in his letter.

The council members, as well as the city administrator, were shocked to learn the news of the attorney’s announcement.

“You are all probably as surprised as I was when I read his letter,”?city administrator Chris Ziegler said.

The council agreed and added they have appreciated everything Johanson has done for the city.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the city’s legal work these past many years,”?Johanson wrote. “I feel honored to have known and worked with many mayors, council members, city administrators, police chiefs, city engineers and staff during my tenure as city attorney.”

Despite hating to see the attorney go, the council knew they had to move on with the business of finding a replacement.

“I talked to David Frundt,”?Ziegler said. “And, he’s interested in submitting a proposal.”

Frundt currently serves as the city attorney in a few of the area towns and cities in Faribault County, including Blue Earth and Wells.

“It would be a good idea to do a request for proposals,” Ziegler added.

The council members felt it would be important to find someone who was within a close distance to the city.

But, they were open to qualifications.

“It might be good experience for a new lawyer or someone who hasn’t had experience with municipal work,” council member Dean Johnson said.

Ziegler explained that some of the sample requests for proposals he had found, stated the individual have a minimum amount of experience or knowledge in municipal work. He felt that if they wanted to change that requirement they could.

The council recommended they move forward with their request for proposals in order to find a replacement city attorney.