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Golden Spike Business Park

By Staff | Oct 11, 2015

One of the original Golden Spikes used when the I-90 freeway was dedicated near Blue Earth in the 1970s is still on display in the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce office.

The new industrial/business park in Blue Earth has a new name.

Golden Spike Business Park.

At first, when the new park was under construction, it was being called the North Industrial Park. That was to differentiate the site north of Interstate 90 from the older West Industrial Park along State Highway 16.

Then when the site had its first business located there, and the streets and other infrastructure was being completed, the name was changed to the North Business Park.

That change was necessary, city officials said, because the first resident at the site was not an industry, but a business Kibble Equipment Incorporated.

At last Thursday’s meeting of the Blue Earth Economic Development Authority (EDA), the members voted to change the name once again.

“We are looking at ordering signage (for the new park),” Tim Clawson, Faribault County Development Corporation (FCDC) director told the EDA members. “So we need to be sure what we want the name to be on the sign.”

The EDA did not officially meet in September due to lack of a quorum in attendance, however members did discuss the name of the new industrial/business park.

“There was discussion whether we needed to change the name or not, mainly for marketing purposes,” Clawson said. “There are a lot of North Industrial or North Business Parks out there. You wouldn’t have to look far to find one with a similar name.”

He said he felt the group could be a lot more creative with the name, and that could translate into more interest from businesses outside the area.

“This (new name) plays on the fact the park is on I-90, at the spot where the Golden Spike dedication was held,” Clawson said. “It signified the completion of the I-90 freeway and that Blue Earth is the center point, the middle point on this freeway that crosses the U.S.”

The members of the EDA briefly discussed whether the name should be Golden Spike, or Golden Stripe, as there is now a gold colored stripe of pavement near the Blue Earth rest stops.

Chamber of Commerce executive director Cindy Lyon had brought one of the original golden spikes that had been used at the dedication ceremony back in the late 1970s to the meeting.

The EDA members felt the Golden Spike name was the better choice and voted unanimously to make the change.

Clawson presented the proposals for two new signs at the Golden Spike Business Park.

One would be located on land owned by Kibble Equipment and would announce the name of the park and face Highway 169.

The other one would be two sided and would be located on County Road 103 near the entrance to the actual park and would be more informational, including a list of businesses in the park.

The cost for the entrance sign would be $16,500 while the advertising sign would cost $929, Clawson said.

The specific sites have been chosen for the signs and Kibble Equipment has agreed to their placement.

Clawson said there would be some regrading done to elevate the sign that faces the highway.

In other business, the EDA discussed offering a business interuption mitigation loan program to downtown businesses affected by next summer’s Main Street reconstruction project.

Similar to what they did for businesses on Highway 169, the loans would be for up to $5,000 and at no interest. The loans could be paid back at $100 per month and payments would not start until a year after the project was done.

The EDA board discussed whether all downtown businesses should be part of the program, as they will all be affected in some way by the construction.

No final decisions were made at the meeting.