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Buc cheerleaders living the American Dream

By Staff | Nov 2, 2015

It is always about Buc Pride for a specific group of athletes at Blue Earth Area.

But, this year, the Buc Pride is stronger than ever and continuing to grow and improve.

The BEA High School cheerleaders have the most cheerleaders on their squad than they have in a very long time. In fact, they started out with a total of 22 girls.

This year’s football cheerleading squad includes a variety of girls from newcomers, to veteran cheerleaders and, most recently, foreign exchange students.

Three of the four foreign exchange students at BEAHS are cheerleaders, including:?Marie Jevnesveen, Emma Lofblad and Andrea Landivar. And the fourth foreign exchange student’s name may also ring a bell for Bucs fans: Fabian Riegelsberger, a member of the BEA?football team.

“It is the American dream (to play football and be a cheerleader),”?Lofblad says. “And, their (the other cheerleaders) hospitality has been very impressive.”

The other exchange students agree.

“I was the first exchange student on the team and I?didn’t know anyone,” Jevnesveen says. “But the girls welcomed me with open arms. It’s really nice for me to feel a part of the team the other girls, too.”

Not only have the exchange students enjoyed being on the squad and living the American dream. The BEA girls were happy to be sharing the experience and learning from the exchange students, as well.

“It is different but it’s also really fun,”?Emily Anderson says. “Emma was a cheerleader in a different school and came here and showed us some different stuff.”

Some of the other girls have branched out thanks to the exchange students on the squad, from listening to them speak different languages and hearing stories from their home country.

“I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know these girls (the exchange students) if they weren’t on the cheer team,” Adri Dulas adds.

It didn’t take long for the 20-plus squad to get acquainted, which is a good thing because they needed to be in sync for the season.

Not only have the girls dedicated their time to cheering on the Buccaneer football team, they have also devoted practice time to improving their sport.

“We practice every morning at 6 a.m.,” Sara LaRow says.

A lot of that practice went toward their venture to compete at the Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association (MCCA)?Cheer Off competition, where the team competed, as well as six individuals who tried out for the MCCA All-State Sideline Cheer Team.

“We signed in, warmed up, did a game situation cheer where the captain chooses a situation and it is completely random, did our school song and finished with our sideline cheer,”?Anderson explains.

The group ended up taking seventh place at the event and tied for sixth place with their school song routine.

The six individuals joined 129 other cheerleaders from different schools who were all trying out for MCCA All-State Sideline Cheer Team, to perform in St. Cloud

“For that we are given a dance and a cheer a couple months prior to the try-outs,”?LaRow says.

Trying out with so many other cheerleaders was a good experience for the BEA?participants, especially those new to the cheer team this year.

“A lot of the others were really advanced,”?Mariah Albertson says. “It was intimidating.”

But, overall competing and being around so many cheerleaders from different schools was great motivation and inspiration for the Buc cheer team.

“We have done a lot of new cheers and new stunts this year,”?Dulas adds.

The cheerleaders agree they have definitely improved on their stunts and projecting their voices despite many girls sitting out due to injury or being sick.

“We are down to probably 19 girls now,”?Dulas says.

And the girls who are injured are happy to share their stories of being injured to prove their ability as athletes.

“For anyone who doesn’t think cheerleading is a sport, I would definitely consider us athletes,”?Bailey Hanson adds.

With an already eventful season under their belts, the cheerleaders are even more excited to cheer on the Bucs this year at State and plan to bring their months of practice to the game with them.