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County assessor resigns position

By Staff | Dec 6, 2015

After just more than three years on the job, the county assessor is moving on.

The Faribault County Commissioners learned at their regular meeting last Tuesday morning that Lynn Krachmer has submitted his resignation.

“He has resigned and his last official day is Dec. 14,” central services director Dawn Fellows said.

Krachmer, the current county assessor, was hired in June of 2012 and began work on June 25.

Prior to working in Faribault County, Krachmer was an appraiser in an assessors office for eight years and from there became an assessor for three years in Minneapolis.

The commissioners wondered whether Krachmer gave a reason for his resignation.

“I can honestly tell you it comes down to wages,”?Fellows said. County Auditor/Treasurer/Coordinator John Thompson said this is an issue state-wide.

“Watonwan County has been trying to hire an assessor for several years because they were not able to pay the wage,”?he said. “They ended up offering well over $80,000.”

The County Board then wondered if they could make some type of arrangement to offer Krachmer a higher wage in order to keep him.

“He had already accepted a position,” Fellows said.

Fellows went on to add they will be working to get the open position posted and hope they will be able to fill it soon.

“There is an assessor issue across Minnesota,” she said. “They are moving around right now.”

But, she is hopeful that within the next couple of years there is some potential to hire for the position internally.

Commissioner Bill Groskreutz recalled other counties who have used a partnership to share the services of an assessor.

“Could we attempt to work out an agreement like that with another county?” he asked.

“I don’t know what the possibility is with that,”?Thompson said. “I don’t know if that is looked highly upon in the assessor world.”

In other business:

The county board approved a bid for work on County Ditch 7 which includes approximately 46,500 feet of ditch cleaning, tree clearing, outlet repairs and replacements of culverts on township roads.

The low bid for the project came from Ground Works Backhoe Service, LLC, of Janesville, for $452,671.95.

Ground Works hopes to work during the winter of 2015-2016 to clear trees and will complete the rest of the ditch work during the spring and summer of 2016.

There is a completion date of Sept. 30, 2016.

Fellows gave an update to the County Board on a recent change in vendors for life insurance.

“The switch gave us a lower rate for life insurance and the opportunity to buy up, up to $100,000,” Fellows explained. “A lot of employees took advantage of that.”

She added that sometimes a person’s health history prevents them from being able to buy up.

The commissioners approved the rental rates for Human Services in the annex.

“The Martin County commissioners do an annual adjustments on rent and I believe we need to do this now since it’s been a couple of years,”?Thompson said.

They raised the rate per square foot from $8.58 to $10.15 per level. This puts the annual rent at $51,765 for the first floor and $51,765 for the second floor.

“These are Martin County’s rates as well,”?Thompson explained.