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FourEver Young donates to Winnebago Ambulance team

By Staff | Dec 27, 2015

The members of FourEver Young presented the Winnebago ambulance team with funds of $1,700 that they raised during their Christmas concert, with an additional contribution from Thrivent. Pictured above left to right are Patti Nowak, Annette Jenkins, Ann Krause, Josh More and Judy Ness.

They have no gifts to bring, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum. Or do they?

Winnebago’s FourEver Young female singing quartet held their seventh annual Christmas concert to raise funds for the Winnebago Ambulance team. With a full house on Dec. 13 at the Baptist Church in Winnebago, Patti Nowak, Ann Krause, Annette Jenkins, and Judy Ness were able to raise $1,700.

Josh More, Winnebago’s ambulance director, shares that the money will go towards a new power lift cot for the ambulance team. The cot is an automatic lift which More says will not only save time in emergency situations, but save the ambulance team’s backs as they won’t have to lift as many patients with their own strength.

“This kind of does the work for us,” says More. “We are sitting at a crew of 20 right now, which is wonderful, but before we only had about 12, so it was difficult at times.”

More also shares that FourEver Young’s donation, as well as any donation, is always appreciated.

Nowak, Krause and Ness are pictured at their seventh annual Christmas benefit concert that was held on Dec. 13.

“Winnebago has been ultra supportive of the ambulance crew. We have never had to beg for money, and I’ve worked in other ambulance services where that is the case. We hardly have any needs or wants because our community is so ready to help us,” says More.

Judy Ness states that FourEver Young has three priorities when choosing a charity for their Christmas concert. First they choose a charity or non-profit group, next they look for the group that shows there is a real need for the donation, and most importantly, FourEver Young keeps the donation as local as possible.

“We have given to many, many groups such as the food shelf, Hospice care, Interfaith Caregivers, the school backpack program, and those are just some of the Christmas fundraisers we’ve done,” says Annette Jenkins. “That does not include the other concerts we do all around the area. We’ve raised money for Options for Women in Mankato, we’ve helped Welcome Manor Family Services, and so many others.”

In the nine years the group has been together, Ness has tallied almost $20,000 raised for charity by FourEver Young.

“But we always have help,” says Ann Krause. “This year, we had the opportunity to share our stage with Alpha and Omega Entertainment.”

Alpha and Omega Entertainment is comprised of Jay Reinders and Patty Hague, two local singing partners that entertain locally much like that of FourEver Young.

“We live in a small community and where there are small communities, there are sometimes big needs,” says Patti Nowak.

All four women wanted to make singing a part of their lives early on, but due to motherhood and other adult responsibilities, they had to put their singing goals on standby.

Now, FourEver Young is singing for many charities, benefits, and activities, and there are still goals to be met.

“We want to sing at the Mayo Clinic,” says Nowak.

Branson, Missouri was also an option that was jovially joked about between the girls.

“I still hope to be able to record with these gals,” says Ness.

Whether they’re singing in the summer or at Christmas time, one thing is for sure, FourEver Young certainly has had gifts to bring to their community.