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New offices under construction

By Staff | Feb 7, 2016

The south portion of the Ag Center is being remodeled to hold several new offices for Faribault County staff, including Veterans Services, 4-H Extension and the Drivers License Bureau.

With plans that were set last September, along with actual construction beginning last November, there is still a bit of progress to be made before some offices in the Faribault County Courthouse change locations to new offices in the Ag Center. This is a part of a $3 million project approved by Faribault County.

In the thick of construction, Central Services director Dawn Fellows states that the project is definitely on schedule.

“Things are still rough, but the project is coming together nicely. We are about three-quarters of the way through and things are going great,” says Fellows.

She also stated that all parties involved are also on the same page, which makes the whole process move a lot faster.

The offices are actually being leased to the courthouse offices by the city of Blue Earth, so the two groups have worked together to spruce up the space.

The remodeling project at the Ag Center has been going along nicely and is on schedule. Much of the construction has been completed, including walls and doors. Some of the new office furniture and fixtures have arrived and are ready to be installed, as these two photos show. The plan is to move the Veterans Service office, Drivers License Bureau and the 4-H Extension staff into these new office spaces next month.

“I am feeling very positive and we are hoping that mid-March will be our moving date for the new offices,” she said.

The offices that will move into the Ag Center soon are the Veterans Service office, the Drivers License Bureau, and the 4-H Extension office.

Where many remember Dr. Terry Cahill’s clinic was located, has now been revamped to accommodate all three groups, and accommodate them nicely.

Fellows says a good portion of the windows will be bulletproof glass, and there will be much more space for all three offices than they have had in a good long while. Fellows also mentioned that working with the contractors and construction team designated to do the project has also been very helpful and timely.

So, what is to happen to the empty spaces in the courthouse and extension building?

According to Fellows, the current Driver’s License Bureau and Veteran’s Service area will become a part of the Human Services of Faribault County.

“In a way, it is unfortunate that this group needs more space because that means there’s much more work to be done by them, but we are very pleased to be able to give them the extra and needed space,” says Fellows.

The county attorney’s office is also on schedule with the project as well. They will be moving to the area where the sheriff’s office and jail once was.

Once the offices at the Ag Center are completed and offices have moved in, the county will move on to that next portion of their project.

“It is wonderful to know we are moving swiftly and efficiently through this project,” says Fellows. “That just means we will be able to meet the needs of our communities that much faster.”