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USC announces its Triple A Award winner, Leah Johnson

By Staff | Feb 28, 2016

United South Central made their announcement of their Triple A award winners. Make that winner.

With a lack of applications, there was only one winner for the 2016 Triple A award at USC and her name is Leah Johnson.

Johnson, who is the daughter of Wayne and Kathryn Johnson of Kiester, said she was honored to receive the award and was somewhat surprised that she was the cheese that stood alone.

“I was surprised that more of my classmates didn’t apply for the award. I think we have multiple students in my grade who would have been great for the award,” said Johnson.

She also said that this award is going to help her get one step closer to attending the University of St. Thomas next year. She plans to major in business.

So what is the magic recipe for a Triple A award winner? That is somewhat self-explanatory as the requirements are in the name of the award. To win a Triple A award, a student must be active in academics, the arts, and athletics, and Johnson fits the bill.

“I was in choir from 9th to 11th grade, but because my schedule was so full this year, I decided not to participate. I’m also in volleyball, basketball, softball, math league, and in student government,” said Johnson, who is also the senior class president at USC.

Sometimes a Triple A award winner brings more than just academics, arts, and athletics to the table. In Johnson’s case, she is one of those students who adds a little more to the Triple A title.

She shared that her family travels to the Twin Cities quite frequently to volunteer at a place that is close to her heart.

“My family and I go up and volunteer at the Salvation Army Harbor Lakes homeless shelter,” said Johnson.

Johnson, who is also an avid member in her student church group at the Dell Lutheran Church in Frost, says she has always enjoyed helping others.

“Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is help another person,” Johnson says. “I have learned that giving back as much as you get is very important, and has kind of a domino effect on people.”

Johnson has little time for much else between doing her homework, being involved in athletics, and helping the homeless in Minnesota, and though this young woman is very active and engaged in her school and community, she still finds time to relax and enjoy life.

She says she encourages all future Rebels to apply for the Triple A award.

“I think it’s really awesome, and it’s a fun, unique award to receive. Plus, if someone wants to go to college, it helps with those costs. Plus, I think it helps the community see how involved some of us students are,” she says.

As far as her inspiration to apply for the award, Johnson said it came from her guidance counselor.

“I think my guidance counselor and I have talked a lot about all of my options for college. I kept seeing signs all over the school for the award and my guidance counselor encouraged me to apply, so I did,” says Johnson.

Little did she know that she would soon be the award winner, when it was announced last Monday at USC’s Rebel?Pride, and she is now the representative for USC in the?Triple A award for the year.