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Who will be chosen for USC?

By Staff | Mar 6, 2016

USC chose Keith Flemming as one of their two finalists.

It is down to two. Keith Flemming and Barry Schmidt.

This week members of the United South Central School District met last Monday and last Thursday to narrow down the candidate pool for the new superintendent for USC.

What started out as 12 applicants for the position, Ed Waltman and Harold Remme of South Central Service Cooperative narrowed that choice down to five candidates to present to the USC School Board.

That Monday evening, Waltman and Remme presented their top five choices for the board to bring to a first interview last Thursday.

SCSC’s consultants advised USC that Keith Fleming, Bradley Johnson, Tim Plath, Barry Schmidt, and Ted Simon would be the most qualified applicants to interview with both the USC School Board and a community panel.

The second choice for USC was Barry Schmidt.

Both the community panel and School Board had different questions, but still had common language that hit on key components USC wishes to see in a superintendent.

From there, the board and volunteer community members worked late into the evening to whittle down their five candidates to just two.

And after very little debate, the choices were made.

“I think both the community panel and the board members were on the same page throughout the process with their chosen candidates,” said Waltman. “It helps USC’s process to know that both the community panel and the School Board had very similar opinions on the candidates they chose.”

Fleming and Schmidt will be visiting USC on either March 9 or 10 for a full-day final interview.

SCSC encourages community members to attend and participate in the community meeting portion of each interview day, which is set to begin at 4 p.m.

“For community members unable to attend the 4 o’clock session, they are welcome to come at 7:15 p.m. to meet the candidates and ask questions,” said Waltman.