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Cash goes international

By Staff | Mar 16, 2016

Cash Owens and his mother Leah Owens run the auction while being filmed by Joe Brunette of Jynx Productions out of Germany.

Blue Earth will soon have an international star in its midst, and he’s only 11 years old.

Cash Owens, who has been known for his unique talent of auctioning cattle at the Blue Earth Stockyard, has grabbed the attention of not only a U.S. television program, but a German television program, as well.

A television show called “Gallileo” from Germany focuses on children from all over the world with unique talents and abilities. Cash’s mother, Leah Owens, said that the television group got hold of the Owens family after a spotlight from USA Today online showed Cash’s talents.

Both Mika Lentz and Joe Brunette live in Portland, Maine. So what were they doing in Blue Earth?

“We are freelance videographers, and we work with Jynx Productions, the German TV group that broadcasts this show,” said Lentz at the stockyard. “It’s really a unique experience to be here talking with Cash about his unique talent. He says he just loves to talk, which I suppose is a good quality to have in an auctioneer, no matter how young.”

Cash Owens at work

And now, Cash has even caught the eye of Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey. Cash has appeared on various news programs, such as the aforementioned USA Today, and has now been interviewed for an NBC television variety show called “Little Big Shots” which aired at 7 p.m. on March 20, on NBC. The program is hosted by Degeneres and Harvey and showcases many different kinds of children with unique talents from around the country. Sound familiar?

Dan and Leah Owens, the parents of Cash, own the Blue Earth Stockyards, LLC. They have kept busy for the past two years running the business. There was one catch to this business, however. It’s a family business, through and through.

“When we bought the stockyard as a family, we promised we would run it as a family,” said Leah. And that promise has been maintained.

Every Owens child has a responsibility at the stockyard. Eight-year-old Chase helps with hospitality while 14-year-old Cheyenne helps drive cattle into the sales barn. Both 13-year-old Cody, who also does auctioneering, and 16-year-old Cole, help sort the cattle.

So what about school? How does that fit into the Owens’ schedule?

“We were able to work with the school, and most Fridays, if Cash has his games and behavior in good order, he’s able to come and help at the stockyard,” says Leah. “In the summer, he’s here every single Friday. You can’t keep him away from the stockyard long enough,” she said.

And that is only where the hype started with young Cash. First USA Today, then German TV, and now it seems even Ellen Degeneres has picked up on Cash’s unique talents.

“I love doing this,” said Cash. “I practiced really hard for a long time and I just really like auctioning and being with my mom and dad and helping them out.”

But how does he feel about being in the spotlight? Cash says it is no big deal.

“I know that people think I have a special talent and that people think it is cool, but I just am doing my job,” says Cash.