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All settled in at the Ag Center

By Staff | Apr 3, 2016

June Sorensen, SNAP-ED educator, left, and Cassandra Lewis, technical administrative assistant, right, both of the Faribault County extension office, show off their new office space at the Ag Center.

It’s been one week since the Faribault County License Bureau, Veteran’s Services, and Extension Office have moved from the Faribault County Courthouse to their new location in the Town and Country Plaza, also known as the Ag Center, located on Highway 169.

With new offices, safety features, paint and carpet, the offices are open and ready for customers to visit.

Cassandra Lewis, the technical administrative assistant for the extension office, says the move went smoothly and is excited about the new office space.

“I just love it,” says Lewis, who planned months ahead for the big move. She said the move took one day and they had a lot of help.

“We had a number of Sentence-to-Serve workers from the Department of Corrections with us, and they had great attitudes and were a gigantic help,” says Lewis.

County residents are finding out they need to go to the south end of the Ag Center in order to renew their drivers licenses or automobile registrations. The extension and veterans offices are there, too.

LeAnn Eastman, the administrative assistant at the Veteran’s Services office also seemed to be enjoying her new office space when the Faribault County Register paid a visit to her new location.

Dawn Fellows of Central Services says the move went without a hitch. Well, almost.

There are still a few odds and ends that need to be finished for the offices but Fellows says the issues are minor and are expected with any large office move like this one.

Fellows also mentioned that the move has been completed for the County Attorney’s office as well. And, both the Ag Center move and County Attorney’s office move went very well. The County Attorney moved to the former jail building.

Fellows, too, mentioned the great help from the Sentence to Serve program, as well as great help from both the courthouse’s maintenance staff and departmental staffs.

Both Midwest IT?and Bevcomm assisted in the technological aspect of the move and Fellows says those technology needs were met by both companies.

Construction in the annex building, attached to the courthouse on North Nicollet Street, has yet to begin. But, Fellows says the project is close to starting. The space vacated by the License Bureau, Veteran’s Services, and Extension office will be remodeled for use by the Faribault County Human Services offices.

The other aspect of this fairly big move is the security updates, which Fellows says the bids are due within a few days and brings a whole new phase to the remodeling.

“Our hope is to have a public open house once our security system upgrades are completed,” says Fellows.