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Frundt & Johnson announce new member of the firm

By Staff | Apr 10, 2016

A graduate of BEAHS, Chris Ubben is back living and working in Blue Earth. He has officially become the newest member of the Frundt & Johnson law firm.

Those who visit Blue Earth law firm Frundt and Johnson, located on West Fifth Street will see a new member of the firm.

Chris Ubben, the newest member of the Frundt and Johnson firm, is actually a graduate of Blue Earth Area High School.

His family lives near Frost on a farm where Ubben says he still helps out his father, Verlyn, and mother, Marlys.

Ubben graduated in 2002 from BEA and then headed to Iowa for his college career.

Ubben did his undergraduate work at Iowa State, and studied law at the University of Iowa. Any fan of Iowa football knows that was a risky move for Ubben, but he says he has friendships with both Cyclone and Hawkeye fans.

At Ubben’s open house last Tuesday, fellow attorneys, from left to right, Ryan Gustafson, left, Ubben, Daniel Lundquist and David Frundt, pose for a photo.

After graduating from law school, Ubben passed his bar exam in 2013. A bar exam is the most common testing for law which covers six specific areas of law including constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, evidence, real property and torts (or infringement of rights).

Ubben has been working with the local firm since August and says he is enjoying working with his partners.

“It’s very nice working with the people that I do,” Ubben says. “It is always interesting and living back in Blue Earth, it is familiar and comfortable, which will help to serve people in the area better, I think.”

He says the majority of the cases he has worked on so far are child and family law cases, sprinkled with a few probate and litigation cases.

When working with families in child and family law cases, Ubben says there is one philosophy that he sticks to.

“I’m just here to help,” he says. “It is my job to figure out what is best for everyone in the current situation.”

Sometimes, Ubben works as a mediator between two families who may have custody concerns, and sometimes he is assigned to represent a specific party. And Ubben says there is a difference between being a mediator and representing a party.

“In alternative dispute resolutions, we represent the client’s wishes. As a mediator in a dispute, such as a custody case, we act as a representative for explaining what the laws are most likely to do for those involved and do not favor either party,” explains Ubben.

He says sometimes it is hard not to get emotionally invested in his work, but says professionalism is key.

When he is not practicing law, Ubben says he uses as much free time as he can to help out the family farm.

“We used to have cows and pigs, but since my father is retired, we just have crops now,” he says. “Corn and soybeans.”

And cats, Ubben adds.

But mostly, Ubben says he is pleased to be back in Blue Earth and working with his firm in the community he grew up in.