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W’bago votes to spend $75K

By Staff | Apr 17, 2016

The Winnebago City Council will replace a slide at the city pool with one that will look like this.

The Winnebago City Council voted at their meeting last Tuesday night to spend some its funds on a wide variety of items.

From a street engineering study to a new slide at the pool, the council ended up approving expenditures totaling just over $75,000.

Here is what they authorized the spending for:

The largest expenditure was for $50,000 to fund a northwest area topological survey and engineering proposal.

City engineer Travis Winter of Bolton & Menk presented the proposal which would be a necessary step towards the proposed northwest area infrastructure project in Winnebago.

That project would cover an area north of First Avenue NW and west of Highway 169 and would consist of approximately 25 city blocks.

City administrator Chris Ziegler said the overall project could be approved later this summer, with construction in 2017 and 2018. Residents would not see assessments on their property taxes for the construction work until 2019.

The council voted to purchase a new slide for the swimming pool at a cost of $10,468 from a company called Miracle.

The current slide is 20 years-old and is deemed not safe for use any longer.

The city received two other slide prices and one was for $13,500, the other for $20,169.

Also on the list was the purchase of a new line painter for painting curbs, crosswalks and parking lots.

The council approved a quote for $5,485 from Diamond Vogel. The other quote was from Sherwin Williams for $5,700 for the same machine.

The city’s current line painter is 16 years old and can no longer be repaired.

Ziegler told the council that purchasing the new unit is less costly than hiring an outside firm or renting the machine.

One vote on a quote was passed with a contingency that the company provide a guarantee.

The quote was for $4,660 from Concrete Grinding and Mudjacking of Fairmont to repair some sidewalks around City Hall through the use of mudjacking.

Another quote, from Mankato Mudjacking, was for $6,000 but included a two-year warranty.

The council authorized the lower bid if there was some sort of guarantee on the work.

Storm sewer cleanout and inspection was authorized by the council at a cost of $2,640. The quote was from Empire Pipe.

A second quote was from Hydro Klean for $3,488.

The council said OK to a quote for $2,000 from Erosion Control Plus of Winnebago to fill in the lot where the Outlet Store was torn down.

The quote is for black soil to be delivered and spread to a depth of one foot. The city crew will remove a foot of sand from the lot first, and several committees have agreed to seed the area with grass afterwards.

Winnebago businessman Bob Weerts was at the meeting and offered that Blue Valley Sod would also put a row of sod along the sidewalk area of the lot at no additional cost.

In other business at Monday’s meeting, the council:

Hired Carol Weerts as the pool manager for the 2016 season.

Accepted the resignation of part-time police officer Tom Elmer and hired part-time officer Chase Davis to be a new full-time officer.

There were four applicants for the position and Davis was recommended as the best choice.

Held a public hearing on changing the parking from one side of Cleveland Avenue to the other.

Only one citizen spoke, and she was in favor of the change, and the council voted in favor of it.

Heard from Jeremy Monahan, the director of the Prairie Lakes Transit System of Faribault and Martin counties.

He gave the council an update on route service to Winnebago specifically and the entire Faribault County area in general.