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New CFO on the job at UHD

By Staff | Apr 24, 2016

Patrick Justin

A new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has joined the staff at United Hospital District in Blue Earth. Patrick Justin has been in his new position at UHD?for four weeks already and is looking forward to getting to know both the hospital and the area more and more.

Originally from St. Cloud, Justin says he knows the importance of having a strong community and local, friendly faces.

Justin went to the College of St. Thomas for his undergraduate degree. He then returned to the school, which is now named the University of St. Thomas, for his MBA.

He and his wife, Pamela, are still currently living in Faribault where Justin’s last job was. He worked at District One Hospital in Faribault for the last 17 years. And, before he was at District One, he shares he worked at Fairview Hospital for 15 years.

Patrick and Pamela have three children. Benjamin is their eldest. He is married to his wife Laura and they have a one-year-old son named Peter.

Timothy is their second son. He and his wife, Nicole, have a two-year-old daughter named Maya.

Lastly, their daughter Madeline just finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Portland and went to Uganda, Africa as a part of her alma mater’s mission program. Justin says one of his main goals with his new position at UHD is budgeting while he directs nine different departments at the hospital.

“I cover both the administrative support services, which has five departments that need supervision and the facility support services, which has four departments,” says Justin. But he is not intimidated; rather, he is ready to go.

“I have been very much enjoying things so far,” he says. “I have been received with a heart-felt welcome and truly appreciate all the senior management team has done for me even these few weeks I’ve been here. Cande Arends, chief nursing officer, Rick Ash, the chief executive officer, and Dr. Bob Karp, chief medical officer, have been so great in this transition.”

Justin says besides budgeting, his goal is to create a strong balance sheet for the hospital, as well as investing in long and short term strategies for the benefit of UHD.

“I have met with all of the managers here, and I have gotten a lot of ideas on where to focus my time and energy as I start,” he says.

Justin’s greatest goal in his new CFO position at UHD is to try to provide a high degree of fiscal transparency for the staff, patients, and community around the hospital.

Justin says his secret to success is consistant support, a good sense of humor and giving his all.

“I always asked my kids three questions when they were facing challenges,” explains Justin. “They were ‘how much did you sweat’, in other words, did you give 110 percent to what you were doing. Secondly, I’d ask ‘did you have fun?’because play is just as important as work and having a sense of humor is important. Thirdly, I would ask them who won, because it is important that when you are creating goals, you do your best to achieve them.”