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Storms cause damage in county

By Staff | May 1, 2016

This tree near the intersection of South Circle Drive and South Galbraith Street was toppled in the storm.

A series of strong storms swept through the Faribault County area on Sunday evening, April 24.

The first wave came through earlier in the evening, with a second wave later that same night.

Several funnel clouds and tornados were reported in various places around the county as storm spotters were sent out by the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office.

Tornados or funnel clouds were spotted south of Blue Earth, near Easton and near Minnesota Lake. However, the National Weather Service was not able to confirm any actual tornados and said it could have been swirling dust.

But, there were strong straight-line winds topping 50 miles per hour that also ripped through the county. Trees were uprooted, branches downed and buildings damaged.

The roof of this building, near the Wilson Field football field, was ripped off by the high winds

The roof of a building just north of the Wilson Field complex on the south side of Blue Earth was ripped off. Damage to farm buildings and grain bins was also reported.

Luckily no injuries were reported.

Sirens sounded in several towns in the county. While there was some question whether the siren could be heard in Blue Earth, several tests the next day confirmed the sirens were functioning.

Off an on rainy weather has continued the rest of the week, with several totals of two or more inches being reported in some areas.

this possible tornado was photographed near Minnesota Lake, although the National Weather Service had not confirmed any tornadoes.