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Meeting reheats

By Staff | May 8, 2016

Discussion on County State Aid Highway 18 continued to be an issue during last week’s Faribault County Board meeting after it had been debated at the previous meeting as well.

County Engineer Mark Daly returned to discuss the project which has been on the county’s five year project plan.

“All I said at the last meeting is this project may not happen,” Daly explained.

At last month’s meeting Daly explained that due to contacting landowners and negotiating land agreements, he wasn’t optimistic about the timeline for the project.

This however was cause for concern for commissioner Tom Loveall who represents that area. He felt this project should have been a priority, which he expressed to the county engineer.

“I have never felt so insulted and attacked by a boss in my 30 years as an engineer as I have been these past few weeks,” Daly read from a letter and stated that he forgave the commissioner.

He also explained that if things stay on track, the project should be able to be completed by September and never said the project was being put on the back burner.

At the previous meeting, Loveall felt that if Daly was having an issue with completing this project he should have come forward and asked for help much sooner.

Citizens from the township were also in attendance to express their opinions on the project.

“I am a resident on Bass Lake on North Shore Drive and have to take CSAH 18 and it’s in rough shape,” resident Mike Johnson said.

A number of years ago the township and county came to an agreement that the county would take on the responsibility of repairing the road.

Daly said that there are only a couple more land owners left to negotiate with. He sought approval from the County Board to have the power to come to an agreement with landowners in the project area so they can move forward with the work.

“Would you like me to sit in on the negotiations with you?” commissioner Loveall asked.

“No thank you,” Daly said, and added that he felt he was on good terms with the landowners.

The county commissioners hoped that the project would continue to move forward and gave approval to Daly to continue negotiations.