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Moving on to Main St.

By Staff | Jun 10, 2016

Construction crews were busy filling in the trenches and wrapping up the utility work on Sixth Street last week in preparation for moving on to Main Street this week.

There was some good news, and some bad news at last Monday’s Blue Earth City Council meeting when it came to the Sixth and Main streets reconstruction project.

The good news is that the crews are about a week ahead of schedule when it comes to getting the work done.

“The crews should be finishing up the work on the Sixth and Nicollet streets intersection this week and it should be open by Friday (June 10),” Brown said. “Next they will be working on the north block of Main (between Fifth and Sixth streets) starting this coming week.”

He added that the intersection at Sixth and Main should remain open during the construction on that first block of Main Street.

The bad news was there were two issues that came up during the underground utility work on Sixth Street.

Blue Earth Light and Water crews removed the street lights from a block of Main Street last week in preparation for construction starting this week.

One issue had to do with three water lines coming in and out of the City Hall building.

Brown said they had been unable to determine where the extra lines went.

He said there were three options: 1. dig it all up.

The council agreed to let the construction crews rip up the sidewalk and steps and landscaping in front of City Hall as necessary to fix the problem properly.

“It looks like the landscaping block wall is in tough shape anyway,” Brown told the council.

And, councilman Glenn Gaylord said it might be a good opportunity to make some changes in the steps and possibly put in a handicapped accessible ramp.

The other issue had to do with finding petroleum in the soil in front of where the Ankeny Radiator building had been, across from City Hall.

“They (the crews) had several scoops of soil that appeared to have high levels of petroleum,”Brown said. “They will be tested and that takes two weeks.”

Brown asked permission to put the contaminated soil on a tarp on the cement where the Ankeny Radiator Shop had once been located. However, he was told by the council he would have to check with the county as they still own that lot.

“We suspected there might be contaminated soil in that location,” Brown said. “So it is not a big surprise. We just hope it isn’t too much. If not, we can just landfill it.”

Last week, in preparation for the move to Main Street, all the street light poles on Main from Fifth to Sixth were removed.