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Kiester celebrates big debut

By Staff | Jun 19, 2016

Kiester citizens view the airing of the commercial.

It was a party for the whole community of Kiester last Tuesday night.

And, despite some stormy weather, it looked like the whole town turned out at the Kiester Community Center/Fire Hall.

“We wanted to show our appreciation to the whole town,” says Kelly Sherer. She is the senior brand manager for Preparation H.

Back in May, the Coyne public relations firm came to Kiester and filmed a new television commercial for Preparation H in the small Faribault County town with the unusual name.

“Everyone here was great to work with,” Sherer said. “The whole town was just wonderful to us. We wanted to say thanks to all of them.”

Carol Rinehart, sporting her "Everybody loves a nice Kiester" shirt plans to sell the popular commodity at the local Kiester Chamber of Commerce office.

The idea to shoot the commercial came from the PR firm. The theme of the 15-second was “Get Comfortable” and they located the town named Kiester to film it in.

“We were not trying to mock the town’s name, and we made that clear to the people we talked to,” Sherer said. “We know people make fun of our product and we wanted to urge people to ‘get comfortable’ with Preparation H, and what better place to make that statement than in a town called Kiester.”

The core of the ad campaign, she added, was not only to highlight the physical comfort Preparation H can give, but also for people to ‘get comfortable’ with the topic of hemorrhoids itself.

“If the town of Kiester can look past its spot as the occasional ‘butt’ of jokes, so can hemorrhoid sufferers look past the stigma and treat their ‘bum’ issues,” she said with a smile.

In her speech to the hundreds of Kiester residents who showed up, Sherer joked about how both the town and her product’s company are linked by having a sense of humor about being poked fun of once in a while.

Residents were treated to a meal from the Preparation H team.

After having the world premiere of the new television commercial, the Preparation H company hosted a free dinner that was catered by the Green Mill restaurant in Albert Lea which featured barbecue ribs, Diablo chicken and a whole lot more.

Plus they had numerous door prizes to give away, including a bicycle.

And, of course, there were free samples of Preparation H for everyone in attendance.

Sherer added that the new commercial, which features a woman riding a bicycle around the town of Kiester, is already airing on many major television networks and cable stations.

Scenes around Kiester include the theater, old school, parade, implement dealership and the town’s welcome sign.

“I think this has been a great cooperative effort,” Sherer said. “And now we just want to show our appreciation to the residents of Kiester. It really is a beautiful little town they live in.”