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She took her tornado siren concerns to the BE City Hall

By Staff | Jul 11, 2016

Phoebe Loge, 13, spoke to the Blue Earth City Council at their meeting last Tuesday night.

She may be just 13 years old, but Blue Earth resident Phoebe Loge just might have a career in politics ahead of her.

Last Tuesday Loge brought her concerns about the city’s tornado sirens to the attention of the City Council.

She had previously sent a letter to city administrator Tim Ibisch, who in turn had invited her to come an address the council in person.

While her mother, Angie Loge, accompanied her daughter to the meeting, it was just Phoebe who told the council her concerns.

And, she had done her homework on the issue.

“We live on Highland Drive,” Loge told the council. “And during storms, we cannot hear the tornado siren at all on our street.”

Ibisch told the council he had done some research which showed that after a study of the sirens was completed in November of 2011, three of the city’s sirens were removed, and the sound level on the remaining three new sirens was increased.

“This was due to the fact that the three new sirens were deemed more efficient and the belief that the level of service would not be impaired,” Ibisch told the council in a memo.

In her letter to the city administrator, Loge said there are a total of 24 kids living in her neighborhood.

“I think that all their parents would agree with me that we need those sirens working,” Loge wrote. “We are taxpaying citizens just like everyone else and we don’t always want to rely on our cell phones for weather alerts.”

In his memo to the council, Ibisch had reported that recent testing of the tornado siren system showed it was meeting the criteria for safety purposes.

However, based on the questions by the residents of Highland Drive, including Loge, Ibisch recommended to the council that they review this information with the possibility that an additional siren unit may be added to alleviate citizens safety concerns.

The council agreed to the recommendation.

Councilman Glenn Gaylord also praised Loge for her presentation and for being so thorough.

“Your concern for public safety is very admirable,” Gaylord told Loge. “I really want to thank you for coming to the meeting tonight and presenting your views on the issue. I really think we need to address this problem and see just what it is we can do to improve our storm warning sirens. Maybe we need to add one more to the system.”

After the meeting was over, Angie Loge said all of this concern over the siren not being heard and doing something about it was all her daughter’s idea.

“I was talking to my neighbor, Sue Juba, and she said I should tell Mr. Ibisch what we were concerned about,” Phoebe Loge told the Register. “So, I did a lot of research and then I wrote the letter. I really think this is something that is very important.”

So apparently does the Blue Earth City Council.