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BEA buys buses

By Staff | Jul 17, 2016

The Blue Earth Area School Board had a very short meeting last Monday night, but in 23 minutes they quickly took care of a wide variety of items.

And, that included deciding to spend some money on several purchases the major one being buying three new school buses at just over $250,000.

There were three bids for the three buses, with one bus being a wheel chair lift equipped bus.

The three bids were fairly close, ranging in cost from $262,005 to $264,293. The lowest bid was at $85,693 for the two regular buses and $90,619 for the lift bus.

However, one of the bidders became significantly lower once the amount offered for trade in of an older bus was factored in.

While two of the bidders offered $13,000 and $14,000 respectively, North Central (Bluebird) came in at $20,700 for the three buses being traded in.

North Central (Bluebird) already had the lower bid at $262,005. After factoring in the sales tax and then the deduction for the trade in value, the actual cost to the school district became $256,989.

The board unanimously voted to accept the recommendation from transportation director Dan Brod to take the lowest bid from North Central (Bluebird) for the three buses.

Another unanimous vote for a purchase was for a new piece of phone equipment at the high school.

The cost for the PRI board was $1,450 from Bevcomm.

“This is separate from the new phone system we installed here in the middle school/elementary school,” Superintendent Evan Gough told the board. “But it is compatible with the new system here.”

In fact, Gough added, this new board is actually brand new and will be a real money saver for the district.

“With this board, which is the same as the new one in the middle school/elementary school, we can decrease the number of phone lines and save on other phone system expenses also.”

In fact, the school district will drop its monthly phone service cost from the $2,850 per month it is now, down to $1,700 per month, a savings of $1,150.

“That means that the purchase of this new board will pay for itself in just over a month,” Gough said. “And will help pay for the new system in the other schools in the next few years.”

The board also voted to spend some other funds when they approved renewing their membership in the Minnesota School Boards Association.

The total membership dues (which includes some policy services renewals) is $5,213.