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USC names its football stadium

By Staff | Jul 24, 2016

It’s official.

At last Tuesday night’s United South Central School Board meeting, the new football/track stadium was given a name. But, the decision did not come without a lot of discussion.

The new name is “Wells Concrete Stadium Home of the USC Rebels.”

Board chairman Dale Stevermer acknowledged that the board had said no to naming the stadium when the new school was under construction, but said he felt it was time to revisit the idea.

“It would be nice to get it done before the first home football game on Sept. 2,” Stevermer explained, suggesting that it could be a way to thank Wells Concrete for their major donation to the stadium. “They went way above and beyond.”

Several board members agreed with the proposal, but some had a few reservations.

“It would be a very nice thing to do,” said board member Tom Legred. “But, we need to recognize that everyone who helped with the new school is appreciated. But, I agree, Wells Concrete deserves some special recognition.”

Board member Kathy Krebsbach added that the size of Wells Concretes’ investment in the community by donating the stadium material does need to be recognized.

And, board member Mike Schrader said the board should do both things acknowledge the level of Wells Concrete’s donation, but also not forget all the other people who helped out. He suggested a plaque that would say thank you to everyone who helped out.

Board member Steve Navaro added the stadium name should also signify the school’s mascot and suggested the name “Wells Concrete Rebel Stadium.”

Board members agreed that the Rebels team name should be acknowledged, so it was agreed to change it to add “Home of the USC Rebels” as an additional line.

The board also discussed getting the name put up on the stadium.

“I took the liberty of getting a quote on the letters for the name,” board member Schrader said. “Just in case we decided to do this.”

The quote, which was just for letters for the name “Wells Concrete Stadium,” was for 12-inch tall letters and the total was $500. Some board members, however, thought the letters should be larger, more like 24-inches tall.

Then there was the question of who would attach the letters to the stadium wall school staff or someone else. The other question concerned the thank you plaque and its cost.

After much discussion, board member Legred made the motion that they authorize spending up to $2,500 on the stadium name letters, installation and the plaque. And, that the whole project be sent to the Buildings and Grounds Committee to complete.

Board member Jon Feist, an employee of Wells Concrete, abstained from voting on the stadium naming motion, which otherwise passed unanimously.