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Want to run for public office?

By Staff | Jul 31, 2016

Faribault County auditor/ treasurer John Thompson and Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon check out one of the county’s ballot machines last Thursday.

Are you interested in running for local office and maybe serving on your city council or school board?

The time to sign up to run for these and other local public bodies will start next week.

The filing period begins on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 8 a.m. and ends on Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 5 p.m.

All of the cities in Faribault County have their mayor and at least two councilmen whose terms are expiring with some having up to four. One city has all of its council members and the mayor going to be up for election.

In the county’s two school boards, it is almost the same story with both Blue Earth Area and United South Central having four of their members with expiring terms.

In most cases the additional numbers of openings on the councils and boards came about because someone was appointed to fill out an unexpired term.

Technically, filling these shorter terms is considered a special election, but, as one city clerk put it, “it is too expensive to run a special election, so we just combine it with the next general election.”

Here is a rundown on those school board and city council members whose terms are up this year.

USC School Board

There are three open seats that will expire at the end of the year that will be for four-year terms. They are now held by current board members Kathy Krebsbach, Steve Navarra and Mike Schrader.

One seat, currently held by Tom Legred, will be a two-year term on the election ballot. Legred had been appointed to fill out two years of a four-year term, so there are two years remaining.

BEA School Board

Likewise there will be three four-year term seats open on the BEA Board, currently held by Frankie Bly, Dawn Fellows and Mark Maher.

There is also a two-year term position opening up which is currently held by Jesse Hough, who was appointed to fill the position.

City of Blue Earth

As is the case of all the towns in the county, the office of mayor will be open in Blue Earth. Currently it is held by Rick Scholtes and is a two-year term.

In addition, four seats on the council will be open for filing. Those seats are currently held by John Huisman, Glenn Gaylord, Dan Brod and one held by Dan Warner who was appointed after the death of councilman John Gartzke.

City of Bricelyn

The terms of mayor Dan Klingbeil and council persons Terry Douglass, Harold ‘Skip’ Grimes and John Getty are all expiring and their positions are open for filing.

City of Wells

The office of mayor, currently held by Ron Gaines, will be open and will be for a two-year term.

Two four-year terms on the council will be open for the filing period and are currently held by councilmen David Braun (who had replaced Gary Robbins) and Steve Burns (who had replaced Ashley Seedorf).

City of Winnebago

The office of mayor is open for filing and is currently held by Jeremiah Schutt.

In addition, there are two four-year term council positions open, currently held by Rick Johnson and Jean Anderson.

Plus, a two-year term seat now held by Dean Johnson is also open. He had been appointed to fill a spot, so technically this is one of the many special elections being held in the county this year, at the same time as the general election.

City of Easton

The office of mayor and two council members are open for the filing period.

Currently Bryant Stiernagle is the mayor and the council seats are held by Jon Rath and Lanny Johnson. The mayor is for a two-year term and the council members are for four years.

City of Frost

Likewise in Frost, the office of mayor and two council members terms are up and open for filing.

Brian Loge is the current mayor and Jared Bruellman and Lee Lincoln are the two council members whose terms are up.

City of Kiester

In Kiester, the terms of every member of the council are up and will be open for filing for this November’s election.

Currently Doug Trytten is the mayor which is a two-year term.

Rich Jensen and Rick Stoneman are finishing up four year terms, while Larry Dahleen and Jason Kluender have two year terms up and will be filled by special election.

City of Minnesota Lake

The two-year term for mayor is open, now held by Jeff Ramsley, as are two four-year council seats, currently held by Edie More and Lon Stenzel.

City of Elmore

The terms for Elmore’s mayor and two council members are up and are open during the filing period. The mayor is for a two-year term, the council seats are four-year terms.

Currently the mayor is Carla Prokop and the two council positions are held by Pat Coupanger and Edrys “Eddy” Viland.

City of Delavan

Information on the open seats on the Delavan City Council was not available at the time this edition of the Faribault County Register went to press.

Other open offices

There will also be seats open on the United Hospital District Board of Directors and several township boards.

The townships include Blue Earth Township, Verona, Barber and Kiester townships.

For all of the offices, the filing fee is $2. Interested parties need to file at their city hall, school district office, UHD hospital or with their township clerk.

Any questions can be directed to the county auditor’s office at the courthouse.