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Meet the new funeral director at Patton Funeral Home

By Staff | Aug 14, 2016

There is a new smiling face around town, and he is the new full time funeral director for Patton Funeral Home in Blue Earth and Spencer-Owen Funeral Home in Winnebago.

His name is Dominic Krezowski.

Krezowski, 27, grew up in Highland Park, a suburb of St. Paul, with his mother, Patricia, father, John, and three siblings; his older sister Vicky, his older brother Tom, and his younger sister Kate.

“We were a very busy family,” says Krezowski. “My mother was always working, she worked for St. Paul’s public library, and we kids were heavily and constantly involved in activities, too.”

Krezowski played hockey, football, and baseball in his youth, and even had his own 76-house paper route growing up.

“I had the whole newspaper satchel, bike riding thing going on. It was a lot of work,” he said. “But come holiday time, it was well worth the route. I lived in a neighborhood of many retired or retiring-age folks, and they were very generous to a young kid around the holidays.”

In high school, Krezowski said he was given an opportunity to glimpse into his future by random chance.

“We were required to do a school project for a career-day type deal,” says Krezowski. “And, we had to pick our careers out of a hat, and I had gotten mortuary science, and that’s kind of where my interest in all of this began.”

Krezowski went to undergraduate school at Kansas State where he received degrees in history and women’s studies in 2011. Then, he moved on to Iowa State University with the intention of doing a thesis on mortuary science, but things changed a little. Instead of doing a thesis for mortuary science, Krezowski decided to go to the University of Minnesota and graduated in 2015 to begin his internship and start work in the field of mortuary science right away.

He then interned at O’Halloran & Murphy Cremation and Funeral Services in St. Paul before arriving in Blue Earth at the end of this past May.

Since then, Krezowski has been working hard not only at Patton Funeral Home, but all around town, getting to know Blue Earth and all it has to offer.

“It certainly is a different pace than St. Paul,” chuckles Krezowski. “And I feel like everyone knows what I’m doing before I even know what I’m doing.”

And adjustments are merely a side effect when it comes with any big change, like the types of changes that he helps people with daily at Patton Funeral Home as one of their directors.

When it comes to being caring and compassionate during a person’s most difficult time, Krezowski says he has a great team to work with to help anyone through their difficult time. But, how does someone separate such heavy work from their own lives?

“When you aren’t at work, you don’t think about work,” is Krezowski’s motto. And when it comes to dealing with helping plan funerals and all that comes with it, perhaps it is a good motto to go by. But there is no doubt that when Krezowski receives a call from his job, he is there and gives all of his energy to the families that need him.

To occupy his time outside of the office, Krezowski says he has thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of the local faces and names.

“I start almost every morning off with a cup of coffee with Bruce Ankeny at his coffee shop, and I inevitably have a friendly run in with Jeremy Coxworth every morning, as well,” says Krezowski.

He also enjoys card games, specifically cribbage and bridge.

“I won fourth place at the Faribault County Fair cribbage tournament this year, and I am learning bridge from my friends Jean Bierly, and Tim and Marianne Mullaly,” he says.

Where did his love of cards come from? That, he says, he got from his grandparents. He even wears his grandfather’s hat to all of his card games and still carries the mobile cribbage board of his grandmother’s. “For good luck,” he says with a smile.

When Krezowski is not rubbing elbows and exchanging scuttlebutt with some of Blue Earth’s better known faces like Ankeny and Coxworth, or making new friends in the newtown he now resides in, or nose deep in a serious hand of cribbage, the St. Paul native says he enjoys reading as well.

“I am currently reading a page-turner of a murder mystery series by Louise Penny starring Detective Gamache,” says Krezowski. “It’s a pretty good read.”

He also enjoys authors such as Frederick Forsyth, Daniel Sylva, and Robert Ludlum. “And, you know, the good reads like Harry Potter,” he says. “I like books.”

So what is in Krezowski’s future?

“To work and have fun and enjoy my life,” says the young (and single) funeral director. “I have no set plans besides that.”

As far as becoming a regular in Blue Earth, with his foot already in the door by connecting with his community, Krezowski says he still enjoys the comforts of a big city like St. Paul.

“There’s just something about the faster pace of St. Paul that I find comforting,” he says.

But, perhaps calling a small town like Blue Earth home is not such a bad idea.

“No, I am not a full-fledged ‘townie,’ yet,” he smiles. “I’m told I have to live in town for at least an entire year to be considered a townie.”

Maybe next year, then.